Making Miniatures For Beginners- How To Make Miniatures From Household Items And Trash?

You are bored during Corona quarantine times? Then collect trash or clean up your house and make miniatures for free! On this page, I will show you the process of making miniatures for beginners and how to make miniatures from household items and trash.

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It is supposed to be affordable and you would just need some materials that you probably already have around the household.

We as miniaturists have the ‘eye’ for making something out of nothing, meaning that we can see treasures that nobody else would notice. I am amazed at what miniaturists can make sometimes, things I would never have noticed!

I intend to post a lot of them, so keep an eye on this page, even more in the future!

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From a bottle cap to a miniature kitchen pot. 

Easy peasy, how to create this miniature kitchen tool from trash:

Did you know that I have a Youtube channel?

Yes, I have! And as of 2022, I have started to craft a new video each week on the topic: “how to craft miniatures DIY-style and easy for you to do!”

The first one that I made was the one below, describing how I crafted a miniature chair. Anyone can do this! And I hope you enjoy these from now on!

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My newest tutorial is: how to craft a miniature desk and chair, using matchboxes and cardboard!

And a new video is made!

In this video, we have crafted a miniature organizer, that could belong to your miniature kitchen, for example. I would consider this scale 1:12.

Please just follow the instructions in the video.

What you need is:

– 3 matchboxes

– scissors

– strong paper with a color of your own choice

– crafting glue/ a glue gun

– some kind of a round stick to create the table legs That’s it!

AAAAnd another new matchstick art video is ready.

Today we have created a miniature swing DIY, you can consider this 1:12 scale.

I must admit: this time I kind of struggled to assemble everything together and I’m happy that you don’t hear my voice in this video, swearing and shouting sometimes haha on how to get everything in the right shape that I wanted it lol!

But, I managed in the end and that’s what counts, right? What you need to make this is:

  • matchsticks
  • wooden skewers
  • fast sticking glue or any strong glue
  • paper pieces
  • scissors
  • a cutter
  • a crafting knife
  • a ruler
  • a paintbrush
  • paint in the same color as the tips of the matches
  • thread, preferably also in the same color, that is all!

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Create a woven miniature chair DIY with matchsticks!

In my next video, you can see how I have created another miniature chair DIY, with some patience đŸ˜‰

From a cork to a beer barrel!

beer barrel

Just use small screws to make little drinking cups!

little drinking cups

Create a DIY miniature house with coffee sticks/popsicle sticks.

In my next video, I show you how to create a miniature house with popsicle sticks!

A beautiful, ‘metal-looking’ washing bin!

Just wrap some rope around the cap, paint it grey/silver, and there you go!

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How to create a miniature swing from popsicle sticks, swing number 1

So, I have created 2 miniature swings. This is the first one, created with popsicle sticks.

All you need is:

– popsicle sticks

– crafting glue/a glue gun

– acrylic paint, in any color you like, I took green and red

– a fine string

– a paintbrush

– a cutter

That’s it! Just follow the instructions in the video and you are ready to go!

How To Make A Miniature Swing with papercraft? Swing number 2

Today once more we have crafted a piece of miniature furniture, this time it is a little bit longer to make, but worthwhile for sure: a miniature paper swing!

The things you need are:

– cardboard

– scissors

– (origami) paper

– crafting glue

– a glue gun

– a pen

That’s it! Just follow the instructions of the video and you will get there!

From a plastic package of cookies, you can make a wall radiator heater.

Are you seeing what I am seeing? From medicine drops too?

from trash to treasure ideas

To plastic bottles!

Another miniature thing that you can make for FREE is boxes in all shapes and sizes!


How To Craft A Miniature Lounge Chair And Umbrella With Popsicle Sticks

Here, I have created a miniature lounge chair (for your dollhouse garden or fairy garden) on a scale of 1:12, with the help of popsicle sticks.

So again: quite affordable and not hard to do!

You can paint and varnish them, of course, in any color that you like. So what do you need? :

– Popsicle sticks

– a black pencil

– crafting knife (if you have a table saw, that would be easier/quicker. I have reviewed 4 table saws:… )

– sandpaper

– a compass (to draw a circle)

– cardboard

– crafting glue

– skewer sticks

– a plastic straw

That’s it! Please just follow the instructions of the video and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask them below in the discussion area đŸ™‚

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Cut out the bottom of a plastic bottle and there you go: a picture frame.

How to make a goblin door!

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Make Miniature paintbrushes in different sizes.

Making miniatures plates from milk pull tabs/cream etc.

( I hope I’m using the right name here ).

This might need some more information.

First, the ring is cut off with a razor. Then pictures of plates are cut out from magazines. Glue it to the tab with just a little bit of Tacky glue.

When they are dry, just coat them with clear fingernail polish and let them dry completely. A total of three coats would be the best. The polish gives them some weight.

How To Create Miniature Christmas trees with papercraft?

For these, I have another 2 videos for you on my Youtube channel.

Check out my Youtube channel here for papercraft DIY miniature trees.

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How to craft a DIY miniature fridge!

I have created a new Youtube tutorial on creating a mini-fridge, all you need is paper, craft glue, and scissors. Just follow the instructions in the video below!

Make a little coffee table.

Sink made with a dipping sauce pot

From an empty piece of plastic to contain medication, too little food-bowls

Miniature whine glass made of an expired medicine capsule and some beads.


Make Miniature Charcoal Bags.

Some of the ads you get in the mail, have a perfect size to create miniatures with!

2 bags of charcoal miniature

Make your own windows

Now here’s an idea to make your own windows. Cut out these parts from an old basket that you don’t need anymore. Make sure to put a primer on these first before you paint them!

Make a broom from a toothbrush.

Let the picture speak for itself?

make broom from a toothbrush

Make a miniature paper lamp.

In my newest Youtube video (made by myself), I am showing you how to make a miniature lamp, completely made from paper. You just need a glue gun as well.

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How to Create a Miniature well from paper waste!

And the last one from today in this from trash to treasures ideas is this miniature well.

What you need is :

– waste paper

– crafting glue

– fine scissors

– a piece of rope

– acrylic paint in any color you like

– colored paper for any grass and flowers

– a skewer stick

That’s it, just follow the instructions in the video and I’m sure you will get it right! If you like this video, please give it a “thumbs up” and subscribe to my channel, thank you!

Collections Of New Arrivals

Make pans, skillets, cooking utensils, and more from medicin

Make all of these from these plastic bubbles that contain medicines. Use nail polish to color them. You could also use black nail polish for the handles, which will make it look more authentic.

There is a little hole in the handle, so you can hang it on a wall, for example.

Final Conclusion.

This concludes part 1 of making miniatures for beginners and how to make a fine miniature object from trash and/or everyday items.

Do you have any questions about this article ‘ From trash to treasures ideas ‘, just ask in the comment section below or join me on my newest Facebook group or Youtube channel!

I wish you happy crafting!

Best regards,


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  1. Think I will share this page with my wife. She love these kind of ideas and is always searching for stuff like this. Things that I would normally throw away is a treasure for her and when she is through with it, it’s almost impossibe to say what it was originally meant to be. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

    • Hello. It’s wonderful that you appriciate what your wife does.
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  2. What an amazing way to recycle household items. I’m not a person who is considered to be arty but I love your fantastic creations. My mum has a few dolls houses, I’m going to share your great article with her. I know she will have me keeping all sorts of things now, but it will be worth it to see the finished articles. Thank you for this information.

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