How To Make Miniatures From Household Items – More Insights!

In the series on making miniature treasures from scratch, today I will be showing some more insights on how to make miniatures from household items, trash, or everyday items.

This will be a third blog post on this already, I have written 2 about the same topic before:

And I will keep expanding all three of them, you might come back regularly to check up on updates!

But first, I have another DIY video for you that I made myself!

In this third DIY video of mine, I have created a miniature bench and three stuffed mini cushions from scratch, using popsicle sticks and materials that you probably already have in your household.

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And we have a new video on paper crafting for miniatures: a lovely pair of miniature shoes!

In the next video, we have crafted a miniature origami dining table, so another piece of miniature furniture that you can easily create DIY and quite cheap

All you need for this project is:

  • hard paper (origami paper would be best, but good solid paper should be fine)
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • crafting glue

That’s it, just follow the instructions of the video and you will manage!

How To Craft A Miniature Trolley Bag.

In my next video, I have crafted 2 of the cutest trolley bags ever, you can consider these to be on a scale of 1:6.

But of course, if you want to adjust them to scale 1:12, it is totally up to you!

What you need to make these is:

– (origami) paper

– fine scissors

– crafting glue

– coloring pens (if you like the little faces if not there’s no need to get them)

That’s it!

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How to make an old-school diving helmet.

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What you need:

  • card stock
  • metal wire
  • clear nail polish
  • air compressor nozzle
  • glue that can handle metal and wood

Glue the pieces together, stick it also on the card stock, paint a primer and add the metal wires as seen in the pictures. Finish it up with brown acryl paint and nail polish or varnisher.

How To Make Mini Ribbon Bows.

What do you need?

  • A soap bar ( no no, this thing in the pictures is not a piece of meat lol! )
  • pins
  • ribbons
  • a clip

A little walkthrough:

  • stick 4 pins like in the pictures below into the soap bar and fold it around the pins like this:

  • Make the bow and clamp it tightly

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How To Create A Miniature Cooking Set

I have created another Youtube tutorial on how to craft a miniature paper cooking set. Liking and subscribing to my channel supports me and my work,thank you!

Everything you need to make these and instructions are in the description of the video 😉

A Hall Tree, Made From Balsa Wood

Which materials do you need?

  • Balsa wood
  • wood glue
  • an earring
  • cone beads
  • a plastic necklace
  • a crafting knife
  • a paintbrush
  • a paper mold to design the hall tree
  • a ruler
  • acryl paint in any kind of color that you want

This little hall tree is going to get a Medieval look.

  • Cut out the mold for the hall tree, which is 5 inches wide and 6 inches high.
  • Cut out this frame from balsawood. And cut out the bottom and assemble/glue everything together.

  • Cut out the top as in the pictures and paint everything in the color that you like. Collect the ornaments from the plastic necklace. (or anything else that you might have around the household that might be suitable).

  • Glue all the little ornaments to the hall tree and let your imagination run wild! There is so much plastic stuff that you can gather during the years that you can still always use for your miniatures!

And there you go: done! ( it doesn’t need to be exactly the same, you can make it to your own taste! )

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A Short Tutorial On Making Christmas Cactus.

The materials needed:

A little walkthrough:

  • Paint Mod Podge on a piece of plastic and cover it with green paint in a few layers. Let it blend into the mod podge. Let this dry for 24 hours.
    When it’s dry, cut it into Y-shaped strips. Then cut them some more to make them into the shape of the cactus leaves.
    Dip some green thread into the mod podge and glue them on top of the ‘leafs’ , so that it looks like a center vein of the leaf.

  • For the petals:
    Roll up some single-layer strips of paper towel, dampen them and roll them between your 2 hands. Glue a piece of red thread on the tip of this. Chop up and paint + use mod podge on some paper strips in red and yellow.
    Glue some on the sides of the roll but not too much on the top and leave a big chunk of the read thread bare.
    Cut out petals and stretch them out a little, so that they curl up and start gluing them.

  • Touch a little bit of yellow paint on the white pieces of paper towel above the petals , and a drop of red paint on the tip. Then just cut off the excess rolled paper towel.

  • Cut off excess thread on the green branches and glue the petals on the tips with fast grab tacky glue or another super glue (mind your fingers if you use this last one!). For the buds, just roll up some small pieces and glue them on.
    You can do a ‘final touch’ by spraying them with a matte clear coat sealer. And done!

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Make Candles From Crayons

This is an easy one on how to make miniatures from household items!

What you need is:

  • crayons
  • white cotton
  • paper plate or a button
  • bits of greenery
  • glue

An easy walkthrough:

Cut the crayons in the size you want, make a wick from cotton, and glue everything together with the greenery on the plate or on a button. Done!

Trimming The Christmas Tree Can Get You Some Ideas!

Not much explanation seems needed for this one?

How To Make Miniature Chicken Noodle Soup.

What you need:

  • Transparent glue, like tacky glue. Or resin.
  • bottle caps
  • colored strings and cut Qtips in different colors for the ‘noodles’

=> Just fill the bottle caps with resin or clear glue and mix the different threads in them. Let it dry, and done!

You could add a drop of colored pastel or liquid food coloring to have a more “brothy” color.

Make miniature board games

Just paste photos of the game board, box, and cards into Words and shrunk them to the size you want. Paste these onto card stock.

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Have some mini Starbucks drinks.

Cut off the top of a nose-spray bottle. Paint any color nail polish according to the drink that you want to achieve and mix it with glue.

Cover all this with ‘ice’, made from plastic see-through pieces, and add a ‘straw’ from metal wire, for example, or anything else suitable. Add a Starbucks label or any other brand of your choice (or nothing, as you wish 😉 ).

Make a miniature sofa

All the materials that you need to make a miniature sofa are described in my Youtube video. It is quite easy to do!

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Craft An Easy Miniature DIY Stool with everyday materials

In another video on my Youtube channel, you can find out how to craft a miniature stool easily!

How To Create A Miniature Chair With A Button!

Today we have created just a little, but cute video (I would think haha) on creating a small miniature chair, with the help of a button!

Don’t we all have plenty of buttons around the house, that we kept for ages but never used?

Now is your chance to repurpose it and make this easy DIY piece of miniature furniture!

If you don’t want that it is able to see that it is a button, you could just as well place a miniature plant or so on it 😉 . The scale is 1:12.

All you need is:

– a button

– sandpaper

– wooden skewer sticks

– crafting glue

– a cutter That’s all folks!

As usual, just follow the instructions in the video!

How To Create A Picknick Miniature Bench

Another DIY miniature furniture piece again from matchsticks.

This pretty little bench for your garden with 2 seats, is often used as a picnic table.

What you need is:

– matches

– crafting glue

– a cutter

– a crafting knife

That is all folks! Just follow the instructions of the video and with some patience, you will manage! If you like this video, please give it a “thumbs” up and subscribe to my channel, thank you!

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My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you enjoyed my third series on how to make miniatures from household items. This will continue to expand in time, so you might want to check back regularly 😉

Do you have any questions on this topic or would you just like to chat or share your (miniature) story? Then please feel free to leave a message below, subscribe to my social media channels, or join my Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


4 thoughts on “How To Make Miniatures From Household Items – More Insights!”

  1. Sir, I just absolutely loved your article, I’m going to try and read you’re other articals.

     I my self have toyed with miniatures, I have maid popsicle stick furniture not to long ago.

    You can make the coolest chairs and tables with the Pop-cycle stick, and they make miniature pop-cycle sticks.

    They sell at Walmarts, in the craft area,  although a bit tougher to handle they are cute as they can be.

    Thank You,

    Bill Wright    

  2. Very nice Post I love the colours scheme you have used on your Post-it is very eye-catching.

    I love all the things you are making from Household Items it takes me back to my Childhood. 

    My Mother was also very resourceful to reuse Household Items. Nowadays we are in a throw away buy new society.

    The Mini Ribbon Bows are a great idea you can use them to put on almost anything Eg. presents, greeting cards etc. 

    I especially love the Making Christmas Cactus idea especially now that Christmas is around the corner. It will be a must for every home. 

    I got so much inspiration from your homemade things it took me back to when I was a little girl and got me thinking of my Mother. (She passed away in 2008)


    • Hi Elke,

      Thank you so much for your positive comments and I’m sorry for your loss!

      Have fun with crafting the mini ribbon bows!

      kind regards,



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