A Vintage Little Tikes Dollhouse From The 90s- Insights And Gorgeous Makeovers

You might wonder: what is she coming up with again this time, I have never ever heard about a vintage Little Tikes Dollhouse from the 90s before!

Is it that relevant or even interesting?

Well, I can assure you: this brand is pretty cool!

Why? For several reasons, but mainly I just LOVE what people have done with these, they are so easy to renovate and have a makeover!

So if you are searching for a unique and original project (well, not the product but the renovation haha), then keep reading, and let’s dive straight into this topic!

Updated 03/01/24

A Little History Of A Little Tikes Dollhouses And More Info On The Brand.

Little Tikes has not just been producing dollhouses, but all kinds of toys for over 50 years.

The Little Tikes Dollhouse is however considered their most iconic product, and it has been a popular dollhouse for many generations since it was first introduced in the 1970s.

Over the years, the design of this dollhouse has evolved from classic to contemporary and a change of styles, while it is still a popular choice amongst parents and children while having kept its vintage status nowadays.

Little Tikes has and always will be committed to the brand’s safety and quality, and it was also designed to be durable and long-lasting to withstand the rough play of young children.

It looks like they also strive to make their toys eco-friendly while using materials that are safe for your kids and the environment.

( my personal note though: is plastic that good for the environment then I wonder? )

Little Tikes also sells a wide range of other toys and children’s products like play kitchens, outdoor play toys, and ride-on-cars.

Where is Little Tikes located and does it selll worldwide?

While Little Tikes is located in the United States in Hudson, Ohio, it does have a worldwide presence and sells its products in over 100 countries, including all the continents except for Africa.

Different types of Little Tikes Dollhouses.

On the website of Little Tikes, only one more dollhouse seems available, a “Stack and Style” wooden dollhouse.

So to look for vintage dollhouses (and dollhouse accessories) from this brand, and to do our makeovers, we would need to look on either eBay or Etsy.

These are all the different types of Little Tikes dollhouses that I could find online:

1. Vintage Little Tikes Dollhouse Cozy Cottage 

This is a little miniature toy playhouse. Although it looks cozy, I do wonder why it is called “cottage” though lol. Because it only contains one building with one room.

Designed for children aged 2-5.

2. A Little Tikes princess cottage

This little dollhouse is for children aged 2-5, and looks perfect to do a nice makeover of ( I love the balcony and the open design! ).

It comes with a set of cute little dollhouse furniture, 5 dolls and a dog, and a family van!

3. Little Tikes Purple dollhouse called Grandma’s House

I can’t find much information on this little Tikes dollhouse or I don’t know what it’s called (presumably “Grandma’s house“, as seen elsewhere), but it does look different than the previous one.

This Little Tikes dollhouse has a purple roof instead of a blue one.

This one doesn’t include the Little Tikes dollhouse furniture though, keep that in mind.

4. Little Tikes vintage dollhouse furniture, accessories and family dolls.

You can still find lots of these vintage items from Little Tikes on Etsy or eBay. Take a look around!

How to Personalize Your Little Tikes Dollhouse: DIY Tips and Tricks

Now we are talking: my favorite part of these vintage dollhouses: personalizing and having a dollhouse makeover!

I have found a ton of creative and fun ideas on Youtube to turn these Little Tikes dollhouses into something unique.

From painting the exterior and adding wallpaper, to creating custom Litte Tikes furniture and accessories, anything is possible.

  • The first transformation video that I found is from “Bewitching Nook”.

In a video of almost half an hour, she takes you step by step through the transformation of her Little Tikes Mansion house, and also explains all the materials used.

She even created a little pool on the side by using epoxy resin!

Have fun!

  • In the next video, you will find out how “Emerald City treasures” has transformed her dollhouse into a Haunted Halloween large dollhouse! Way better than the original, I’d say haha!

My Final Conclusion

Overall, the Little Tikes Dollhouse is a fun and versatile dollhouse that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

With its durability and endless possibilities for renovation and transformation, it’s no wonder that it has remained a popular toy for generations.

If you have any more questions about this topic, or would just like to chat, please feel free to ask them down below in the comment section.

You could also join me on my social media pages below or my fantastic Facebook group.

I wish you happy collecting and/or crafting!

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6 thoughts on “A Vintage Little Tikes Dollhouse From The 90s- Insights And Gorgeous Makeovers”

  1. Hey Lizzy. I like your whole idea about little Tikes Dollhouse. They are very beautiful and girly. As long as I remember this was a popular choice amongst parents and kids. I always had a fantasy to keep my hamsters in doll houses. I don’t know if the doll house might be comfortable for them or not.

    • Haha Liam,

      Now that would be a fun idea to transform a dollhouse into a hamsters house, I never would have thought of that!

      But I’m afraid that these Little Tikes dollhouses wouldn’t be suitable for this, as they are open, and frankly, it would be a little bit to expensive for a hamster 😉

      Maybe you could find an old dollhouse somewhere and renovate that? Do let me know please if you have done a project like that 😉

      I wish you happy crafting!


  2. As a parent of young children, I was excited to come across this website and read the article on the Little Tikes dollhouse. I appreciate that the author took the time to provide some insights into the design and history of this classic toy, as well as some creative ideas for giving it a makeover.

    The photos of the different dollhouses were absolutely gorgeous and inspiring, and I loved seeing how different people had customized their dollhouses to suit their own personal styles. It was also helpful to see some tips for painting and decorating the dollhouse, as this is something I may consider doing with my own kids in the future.

    Overall, I found this website to be a great resource for anyone who is a fan of the Little Tikes dollhouse and wants to give it a personalized touch. The article was well-written and informative, and the photos were absolutely stunning. I’ll definitely be keeping this website in mind for future DIY projects!

    • Hi Gregory

      Thank you for the positive note and personal story and I wish you happy crafting!

      Kind regards,


  3. My friend is interested in suggesting new hobbies to her children so they can start spending more time on them. I like your idea of investing in dollhouses and their accessories because of their replayability. I will consider recommending this to her so they can find a custom dollhouse maker in the future.


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