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Do you know this worldwide shop, where artists around the world produce all kinds of handmade things so that you can buy unique objects? Then it’s about time you do! Not only does Etsy sell dollhouse miniatures, but anything you can imagine: embroidery, special postcards, handbags, hats, clothing, paintings, sculptures, you name it, they have it!

In this new category, I am going to add all my favorite miniature artists from around the world, but more specifically the US, on my website and I hope you will like them as much as I do!

So many adorable, cute little things to get and I WANT THEM, not just desire them haha. (well, in my dreams and when I win the lottery 🙂 ).

Let’s begin with miniature books, there’s a lot of great artists on Etsy who specialized in little books for sure.

Sorted for you by shop:


1.USAminiBooks :

Makes :

– bibles

Etsy Dollhouse miniatures

– children’s books (fairy-tales)

– the Kamasutra (hihi)

– dictionary

– books on a wooden stand

More info :

– hardbound

– available in 5(!) languages.

– shipped worldwide from the US

– legible!

– seem to have a minimum of about 400 pages, which is a lot!

Star reviews : Etsy miniatures books

Sizes: may vary, so check them if they would be suited for your dollhouse, but I think they are on a scale of 1:12.

Prices: from around 10$ to 20$.

Where to find them: MinibooksUSA


2.LittleTHINGS of interest.


– sells over 950 (!) different items, most are about books but also dolls

– They have so many different items regarding miniature books that it seems impossible for me to mention them all in this article, please find out here and be amazed! It’s not just books (most are novels I should think), but accessories, digital downloads, DIY book kits etc..

More info :

– is on Etsy since 2012

– most books are readable

-has had over 24000 sales

– there always seem to be lots of books on sale, so go and have a look!

– you can ask for custom orders

– the books are printed on both sides of the pages, interior paper, hardcover on the outside

– collector’s items, not meant for small children

Star reviews : Etsy miniatures books

Prices: there are so many different books that it is impossible to give an average price, it really depends on what you are looking for.


– sells all kinds of books on different scales: 1:12, 1:6, 1:24, 18-inch doll books

Where to find them: LittleThings


3. DaintyLittleDetails

Makes : 

– Sells 34 different books, is specialized in books

More info :

– Is on Etsy since 2017

Etsy miniature books

– books are made from stock cardboard, recycled paper, book bye book.

– Works with themes and stacks of books, so not able to be opened separately and not readable

– perfect for lying flat, not meant to be put upright or in a bookshelf, would look perfect on a chair for example!

– Mostly tied up with a bow, I especially love the one with a gold bow, travel books, and a compass, like in the picture here.

Star reviews :  Etsy miniatures books 

Sizes: 1:12  scale, check the sizes per stack off books 

Where to find them: DaintylittleDetails

4. GreenGypsies


-This shop sells more than just miniature books, but they are surely worth mentioning separately. (not that the other miniatures are worth mentioning, like their rugs, signs, doors, and many more).

More info:

Etsy Miniature books

– sells a lot of books in the themes: ‘wizard, witches, magic ..’: would fit well into your witches or wizards home!

– is on Etsy for a long time (since 2010)

– had lots of sales (21600 sales and climbing), so I think you can trust this shop for sure 😉

– the books don’t open

-Printed front and back on photo paper

– designed for adult collectors

Star reviews : Etsy miniatures books

Sizes : 1:12 scale

Where to find them: Greengypsies

5. FrancesLanePark

Last shop (for today), but surely not the least.


– Apart from miniature books, she also makes miniature furniture, accessories, food and drink, and vintage miniatures

More info:

– A smaller shop since 2018 on Etsy, but has some particular miniatures in the theme ‘books’, that I wanted to mention.

– Look at these 2 books(leather journal/diary, with metal lock and key set). Have you ever seen anything like it? I haven’t!

– and then if you think you can’t get more surprises, then there is this ‘Miniature Postcard Photo Album’ and ‘Miniature World Landmark Postcards ‘. I will have you judge yourself, let me know what you think! (I wish I could buy it all haha) .

– made of paper, you can open them, pages are blank

– Get them before they are out of stock, these are custom orders!

– made for adult collections, like most in the custom-made miniature world (sorry)

Star reviews : Etsy miniatures books

Sizes: 1:12th scale

Where to find them: FrancesLanePark. (I hope she will make more books in the future )

Final Conclusion.

There are lots more miniature books on Etsy, like thousands of them, but some of these five are specialized in them. It takes some research, but I will find out more in the next article soon. I hope to find more stores that are specifically about small books. So you can have oversight of specific things that you would be looking for.

The database on Etsy is so huge that otherwise, it would take you ages to find them, so I am trying to link them straight to what you are looking for on my website, category per category. Miniature books, chairs, tables, beds, clothes, cutlery, etc, etc, just to make it easier for you to find!

Just one more thing: I have made a miniature book myself and recorded a video of it. Please check it out below and “like” it, and subscribe to my Youtube channel, thanks!

If you like what I am trying to do here for you, please leave a comment below! Or would you like me to write about anything specific, feel free to ask, I would sure want to spend some time doing the research for you!

You can now also join my newest Facebook group. We are a happy bunch of miniatures enthusiasts!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. I have similar small books that I keep in the bathrooms and on my coffee table.  I see them as great conversation, and interesting little reads.  I am interested in FrancesLanePark, for the fact that I can also get other miniatures besides books.  I will be clicking on that link to take a closer look.   Thanks so much for sharing!

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