What Is Miniature Cooking? A Relaxing Trend!

I could definitely see the reasons why people would get addicted to miniature cooking.

If we are talking about Miniature cooking, you should take it quite literally, because it really means cooking with tiny portions of real food.

There are lots of famous channels on YouTube where dishes are prepared in miniature form with extreme precision.

So let’s go and dive into these peculiar little (and working!) miniature kitchens!

updated 09/12/23

What Is Miniature Cooking in a mini kitchen?

The nice thing about Miniature cooking is that it is indeed real cooking.

These miniature kitchens, for example, can contain real working mixers, a working mini stove, and a mini oven where you can even bake your own mini pizza. You can also add a REAL working miniature TV to the scenery! Sometimes there’s even running water!

There are even miniature cooking books on the market, with plenty of recipes to recreate very small dishes at home in miniature sizes.

And even those miniature cooking books are just a few centimeters large.

Everything is so small that you sometimes need tweezers to put the ingredients in place.

Because with your human fingers, sprinkling a bit of salt or oregano on a pizza would be a bit hard.

What Is The Actual Point Of Miniature Cooking?

Well, first of all, it is a fantastic form of dieting and you will lose weight in no time!

*sarcasm button of 🙂

So what exactly is this attraction to miniature cooking, where sometimes over 200 million people worldwide watch a miniature cooking show for minutes and minutes, while someone is making a miniature lasagna?

I think it is because there is something extremely soothing about seeing someone preparing a very small meal with extreme precision.

A tiny miniature kitchen by Tiny Mini House

There is something mesmerizing and relaxing about watching a miniature knife cutting ingredients to miniature size, while a mini spoon is stirring in mini pans and bowls.

And watching a bit of cheese being grated into mini strings on the world’s smallest grater makes my mouth water.

Is Miniature cooking real and Is the food in a tiny kitchen real?

Of course in a tiny kitchen not everything there is real food. (spoiler alert, the mini-eggs aren’t real eggs)

There is a distinction between edible miniature food, like we are talking about in this blog post, and inedible mini food.

But the miniature food that is being prepared in the next YouTube videos below sure is real and miniature cooking itself is definitely real! You could eat the dishes if you want!

Although the recipes are sometimes a bit different than the recipes from real cooking because that makes the mini food look better and more realistic.

A list of the best miniature cooking shows and Youtube channels

So, the question of how to actually do miniature cooking, can’t be answered by me, because I have never tried it myself.

But I’m sure that you will learn all there is to know by means of the next YouTube channels!

1. Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade

” Tiny Kitchen” is a part of Tastemade: a YouTube channel that publishes a lot of videos about food.

The first video about miniature cooking, appearing online in the year of 2016, got 39 million views on Facebook.

What was on the menu in the first Tiny Kitchen video? Well, this: “How to make tiny donuts?” 🙂

In the meantime, there are 73 mini-videos on this channel.

Jay Holzer was head of the production of the series and he and his team came up with miniature cooking ideas after Japan started originally making videos of people making miniature food.

When they got a package with mini cooking equipment, they decided to shoot more of these videos, and soon an entire season was shot.

Even the dollhouse of Jay’s daughter became a film set for the first season of Tiny Kitchen.

So you could say that this channel paved the way for miniature cooking in Amerika, although they seem to have stopped now.

2. Alex’s Miniature Cooking

Alex Apostel shared her miniature cooking channel on my Facebook group, and I found the video that she shared where she is using a miniature blender that actually works very cutely.

In the video below, she made a miniature watermelon milkshake in her mini kitchen that is real and edible, even though it’s as tiny as the thumb of your hand!

She also has unboxing videos, where she shares all the miniature equipment that she bought.

Alex now has 138 videos and 52,2 K subscribers to her channel, and I’m one of them 😉 How about you?

3. Mini Cooking

Wow, another fantastic channel on cooking tiny food, and it looks immensely popular.

Mini Cooking has 1,33 Million subscribers with only 44 videos. So the finished miniature food is very well filmed and the results are incredible!

In the video below, she even goes “shopping” for ingredients first, before she makes real and tiny sushi 😉

4. My Re-ment mini kitchen

And last but not least there is this mini-cooking channel with 235 videos at the moment!

In the video below, you can watch this lady’s story on how she got to the miniature kitchen again, so interesting! 😉

What I find amazing as well, is that there actually are real miniature eggs being used, with real-looking egg yolks, isn’t that intriguing?!

I’m sure that there are lots more channels to find out there, I could go on forever!

But let’s talk next about what you could need to start doing this yourself 😉

Where to get the best miniature cooking sets?

My favorite place to buy any miniature-related things has always been Etsy, so I looked on there again and here we go 😉

I will just hand you the pictures and links to the sellers and I will leave the reviews up to you this time 😉

1. Real Working Miniature cooking stoves.

  • By Bec Boutique Creations: real cooking doll stove, made from iron. Made for doll play and real cooking.

  • By Mini Kitchen Chef (yeah, an ideal name for our topic haha). This store from Bulgaria has a few interesting and pretty miniature cooking stoves!

  • By Magic Mini House. This store has lots of different miniature cooking tools, stoves, and other machines.
    Even a miniature water tap is present in this store!

2. Real working miniature cooking pans.

We are now heading to the cooking pots, but in miniature size, and you can still cook with them 🙂

  • By Croco Studios. This store sells a lot of miniature cooking cookware, mostly in copper.
    I think they are very stylish!

  • By Mini Lovie. What a lovely little store, selling unique miniature cooking utensils! Just take a look at the link below!

3. Miniature real working mixer.

  • By Chestnut park shop.

    This store has an amazing collection of miniature real-working mixers and other working things like a soda dispenser!

4. Miniature cooking supplies

Off course, you need a lot more stuff for your real working miniature kitchen.

Although I can’t list everything, let me show you a few things in short:

  • 4 tiny pcs real working utensils: Pocket knife, spatula spoon, and a wooden cutting board. By ZZminiworld.

  • Miniature cooking: a REAL USB oven, in pink color: bake your little mini cakes in your tiny kitchen! By Chestnut park shop.

5. Where to get Miniature cooking tiny eggs?

Well, I will keep the answer to that question in the video below, that’s a bit bad of me, right? 🙂

But I’m sure that you will enjoy this video as much as I have, and the answer is right there!

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My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on miniature cooking!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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6 thoughts on “What Is Miniature Cooking? A Relaxing Trend!”

  1. Soooo cute! Everything is tiny that it looks like you’re just playing “house” and “cooking.” ☺ I thought miniature cooking is just a hobby — you know, like doing something fun. I didn’t realize that most of these kitchen items are real and the foods are edible. The miniature cooking stove and pans, and miniature mixers are so adorable. I super love, love them. 

    But I’m sure it takes a lot of practice to master this. My fingers are quite big so I’m imagining it would be quite difficult to make the portions tiny to fit in the pans, lol.

    But I think miniature cooking is a brilliant idea for those who enjoy cooking but are on a diet program. It would really be frustrating to not be able to eat what I enjoy preparing. Kudos to the one who came up with this concept. This can also be used to encourage people who do not have any interest in cooking and baking.

  2. What a fascinating article about miniature cooking. I didn’t realize such a niche area existed, however thinking about how passionate we are worldwide about food and cooking, it’s not totally surprising to see that such an area is so popular. 

    It’s interesting to learn all about the products, the food and recipes but especially the miniature cooking equipment. Amazing. It reminds me a little of toy cooking products that you can buy for your children. We recently had a mini-BBQ for our little girls, with miniature pieces of food, BBQ tools and she just loved it. 

    Thanks for such an informative introduction into the wonderful world of miniature cooking. 

  3. Oh wow, this is just amazing. When I read the title, I thought the kitchens would be miniature and tiny, but never imagined that actual food in miniature portions would also be made. The time and effort to painstakingly make a dish, where you will most probably need tweezers to add or distribute ingredients, is just mind boggling. 

    These channels are simply astonishing, so thank you for sharing. But I guess many people will be left feeling hungry when presented with a miniature dish, unless they can be inside Gulliver’s Travels and be one of the tiny people. 

    My granddaughter would love to try to make one of these dishes.  

    • Hi Line!

      You are very welcome and yes, I was quite amazed as well when I first saw this trend haha!

      Thank you for your comment

      Happy tiny cooking!



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