Scaling Down Reality: How Miniature Working TVs Elevate Dollhouse Design

Today we’re diving into a world where “binge-watching” means something entirely different. You see, in the realm of dollhouses, where even the couches are mini-sized, there exists a small-screen wonderland that’ll make you rethink your Netflix addiction. Welcome to the oh-so-petite universe of scale-model-miniature working TVs for dollhouses!

Beware though that you might need a magnifying glass for that season finale 🙂

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What are dollhouse miniature working TVs and how do they work?

One of the primary roles of scale model TVs in dollhouses is to add an element of realism and authenticity to miniature scenes.

These real working miniature toys recreate the look of a real TV, complete with screens, buttons, and other details, making the dollhouse environment feel like a tiny version of the real world.

They can also add historical accuracy to your miniature scenes, for example, a vintage dollhouse might feature a retro-style TV from the 1950s.

Real working tiny TVs can even broadcast certain TV shows and movies, like Friends or Back to the Future and more!

These tiny TVs have a remote that really works, yes that’s right!

For some brands, you can even change the channel, change the volume, or push the mute button.

No special tools are required to assemble these little TVs, mostly it only takes a few minutes!

They can’t livestream but can play video content from a microSD card, for example, and most work with batteries.

Why not place them in your dollhouse living room or even in your real-working miniature kitchen?

Different types of scale model TVs, and how to choose the right one?

These miniature working TVs exist in different models, scales and styles, from ultra Retro 50-60’s TVs to Retro 70-80’s TVs and Modern Classic and flat models from the ’90s/’2000s.

Choosing the right miniature TV for your dollhouse involves considering factors like scale, style, and functionality.

Here’s a little guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Scale Compatibility: Ensure the TV’s size matches the scale of your dollhouse. It should look proportionate to the other furnishings and accessories in the room.
  2. Period Accuracy: If you’re aiming for historical accuracy, select a miniature working TV that reflects the style and technology of the era your dollhouse is in. This will mostly apply to modern dollhouses I would think.
    This would go as well for the design and style: modern, vintage or eclectic, it should always fit in the diorama.
  3. Static or Functional: Decide whether you want a decorative, static TV or a functional one that can play miniature videos or animations. Functional TVs may require power sources.
  4. Accessories: Some miniature TVs come with additional accessories like remote controls or TV stands. Check if these accessories fit your dollhouse.

Most popular brands and models for miniature working TVs.

Here’s where we will go over the most popular tiny TVs in the miniature world, together with some pros and cons, let’s dive straight into them!

1. Tiny TV Classics From Basic Fun- Friends Edition

4 stars

Tiny TV offers a unique experience by featuring the top scenes and quotes from ‘Friends’ on the world’s tiniest TV screen.

What makes it even more captivating is that it comes with a fully functional remote control, allowing you to channel surf through the show’s iconic moments.

After your mini TV adventure, display it on a custom backdrop scene included in the package for maximum impact.

Just remember though to switch off ‘Try Me’ mode upon receipt, and note that the remote is for channel changing, not for turning the TV on or off.

Product dimensions: 1.57 x 2.36 x 2.76 inches, not for children under 3 years.

It has a classical and modern style, suitable for watching “Friends”, and it works with batteries.

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • You can change channels
  • has remote control
  • a very affordable little TV
  • picture and sound are clear

The Bad.

  • not suitable for scales under 1/6
  • lower quality product, it seems to get easily broken

Check out the price and more details here of this dollhouse TV.

Would you like to see how these work? Check out the YouTube video below!

2. TinyTV DIY Kit by TinyCurcuits store.

4 stars and a half

This miniature working TV manufactured by TinyCircuits, is an innovative and compact device designed for users aged 8 years and up.

It boasts an Arduino-compatible platform featuring a robust 32-bit ARM processor, a stunning full-color OLED screen, and even comes with a preloaded MicroSD card for added content.

This tiny TV includes built-in speakers, a rechargeable lithium battery, and a convenient USB port for charging.

Additionally, it comes with a Tiny Remote complete with batteries for easy control.

The product’s dimensions are approximately 5.71 x 4.02 x 1.42 inches, and it weighs a mere 0.01 ounces.

It’s made in the USA.

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • it comes in plain white but you can be creative and paint it whatever color you want
  • Comes with plenty of videos, but you can add your own! You just need the TV converter from their website to convert your videos so that they can play on the little TV! UNIQUE!
  • Made in the USA, which makes it easier to send it back than sending it to Asia if it isn’t working.
  • you can change the channels or turn the TV on and off with the remote instead of having to touch the TV
  • The build is pretty straightforward ( press the two PCBs together to get them to audibly click together, otherwise it won’t work )

The Bad.

  • on the pricey side
  • It would be better to incase the remote, because without the back, it’s not going to last long.

Check out the price and more details here.

3. A real working mini TV by Gracecraftsworld

5 star reviews

This is a REAL MINI TV that can play real videos in AMV or AVI format.

You can put any videos in the 4G storage card an its size is: L8.6xH6.2xW4.7cm (L3.39xH2.44XW1.85in)

[Codec Motion JPEG, Resolution 320×240, Frame Rate: 21.68]

It is custom-made in the colors red, green, and yellow.

Its style is from the 80’s ( I used to have a tv just like it haha), and it has a remote. It isn’t clear what this remote can do though.

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • This little TV gets mostly 5-star reviews
  • It has customizable colors
  • works perfect with high quality

The Bad.

  • pricey object
  • It is not easy to convert videos to the necessary format to upload to the TV when you are a Mac user

Check out the price and more details of this little TV here.

4. Real Working Miniature Television TV by TinyMiniHouse

4 stars

This functional Miniature Television is a working device that allows you to watch movies, making it an ideal addition to your dollhouse miniatures collection. It comes complete with a miniature plug and cable.

This Dollhouse Retro Mini Portable Touch Screen TV Model is meticulously crafted by hand, and while it may occasionally exhibit minor imperfections, the store does accept refunds for this reason.

The interior of this mini TV boasts a 2.0-inch metal body touch-screen MP4 player with 4GB of memory.

Additionally, it comes pre-loaded with a selection of animations. For added customization, you have the option to remove the MP4 player from the TV, download your preferred programs, and install them as you see fit

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • modern and sturdy design
  • works with a touchscreen and no remote needed
  • Handmade item

The Bad.

  • keep in mind that shipping from Indonesia can take a while
  • includes lots of animations, but doesn’t seem to have English movies or series included, so you need to provide those yourself

Check out the price and more details here.

I hope that you can find the miniature working TV that you were looking for, I might find more later and then I will be back to expand on this! 😉

Are you not sure at which scale you want to create your miniatures? Feel free to check out my free tool: a scale converter.

My Final Conclusion

Miniature working TVs are amazing, I didn’t realize that there were actually tiny TVs that do function at the same time, how cute!

If you have any more questions about this topic, please feel free to leave them in the comment section or join me on one of my social media channels below.

I wish you happy crafting/miniature TV-collecting!

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