Real Working Miniature Stoves: A World of Tiny Culinary Delights!

In the world of craftsmanship and creativity, real working miniature stoves stand as captivating wonders. These tiny yet functional replicas of traditional stoves hold a unique allure, appealing to collectors, hobbyists, and history enthusiasts alike.

In this blog post, we’ll journey into the intriguing universe of real working miniature stoves and their role in modern-day dollhouses and modern miniature cooking.

Let’s dive straight into things!

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What are real working miniature stoves and how do they work?

Real working miniature stoves are functional, scaled-down replicas of traditional cooking stoves, designed to perform actual cooking tasks on a smaller scale.

They are typically constructed using various materials such as metal, ceramic, or even wood.

The first real working miniature kitchen was set up by Jay Holzer, who bought a dollhouse for his daughter and thought it would be funny to create a real tiny kitchen for it 🙂

Many people collect (real working) miniature stoves as a hobby, appreciating their craftsmanship or historical value, but most are also used for miniature cooking shows on YouTube and other social media channels.

We will talk more about non-working miniature stoves later, today is only about the ones that you can cook tiny and edible food with.

They can work with a small tea light, but I have also seen these mini stoves working with electronics ( a power supplier like a USB Plug ).

Their scale ranges from 1:6 scale to 1:12, and also larger, but then the larger scales aren’t suitable for dollhouses anymore.

Real Working Tiny Stove by TinyMiniHouse

How to setup a real working miniature stove in your miniature kitchen?

While you can just buy the whole miniature working kitchen set up and functional miniature stove, which should be easy to set up, you can also make your own functioning kitchen DIY!

A short description of how to set things up DIY is in the video below, created by Grensom.

Creating a miniature kitchen scene involves several intricate steps for a realistic and functional result:

1. Countertop and Drawers:

  • Start with a countertop that leaves a half-inch overhang over the counter walls.
  • Craft rectangular pieces and paint them to act as counter drawers.
  • Use a 1/16 drill bit for drawer handles and attach them with glue.

2. Kitchen Sink:

  • Create a kitchen sink using rounded square cups, flipped over and squared off.
  • Cut the tracing and create a quarter-inch lip for the sink bowl.
  • Paint it metallic silver for a realistic look.

3. Functional Faucet:

  • Implement a functional faucet using a 12-volt touch switch and a relay.
  • Connect the circuit to a small pump for water flow.
  • Ensure the touch contact is conductive to activate the faucet.

4. Stove and Oven Range:

  • Construct a stove with an aluminum sheet, creating holes and a lift for temperature control.
  • Use a DC motor to raise and lower a platform for candle-based cooking.
  • Attach knobs for heat adjustment and on/off control.

5. Overhead Cabinets and Hood:

  • Design overhead cabinets with paper templates and fold aluminum sheets.
  • Incorporate fans and LED lighting for realism.
  • Create a range hood with a similar approach, adding LED strip lighting.

6. Refrigerator:

  • Build a wooden box for the fridge, and add clear Plexiglas shelves.
  • Create a functional fridge door with aluminum sheets and hinges.
  • Ensure the door stays closed using magnets.

7. Finishing Touches:

  • Install cabinets, windows, and decorative elements.
  • Add support structures for stability.
  • Apply polyurethane for a shiny floor finish.

8. Final Assembly:

  • Carefully assemble all components together.

Now you have a detailed guide to creating a functioning miniature kitchen scene with realistic features.

Some incredible examples of real working miniature stoves.

Before we take a closer look at where to find real working miniature stoves, let’s take a look at all those fantastic miniature cooking shows out there!

1. Alex’s miniature cooking

Who’s channel is better to look for miniature stoves than the one from Alex called “miniature cooking”? haha!

Take a look at this modern stove that works with using tea lights!

2. Inventus Selfmade miniature working stove from cans!

Check out this real working miniature stove made from scratch by Inventus! In this video, you can see how a mini stove and kitchen utensils are created with recyclable materials like soda cans!

I have never seen anything like it and I am lacking for words!

3. Little rustic kitchen stove making real cornbread

I just love this real functioning mini stove, it would look gorgeous in a vintage dollhouse like a Tudor one (or am I mixing up history styles here haha ).

Watch Little Rustic Kitchen bake tiny cornbread in it!

Where to find real working miniature stoves?

And last but not least, where can you find these little cooking wonders? We will try and find some stores for you!

1. Real Mini Cooking. 1:12 Working Miniature Electric Stove

This 1:12 scale working electric stove by TinyMiniHouse is meticulously designed for preparing tiny culinary delights.

Whether you’re a passionate collector or a miniature enthusiast, this induction-style electronic stove promises an authentic and captivating cooking experience.

Powered through a USB connection, it measures a compact 6.5×5.5×1.8 cm, making it an ideal addition to your miniature kitchen setup.

A disadvantage can be that the USB cord is hard to hide away in a miniature kitchen scenery.

Check out the price and more details here

2. Tiny Cooking Set with a Mini Stove for cooking real tiny food

Experience the delight of preparing real miniature dishes on this tiny stove by MiniKitchenChef.

Use a tea candle or small oil burner with the option to remove the middle rack for flexibility. All kitchen utensils, pots, and pans are food-safe.

Crafted from vinyl-covered wood with metal handles and a glass oven door, this set includes kitchen utensils, a mini cooking pot, pan, strainer, cake baking dish, plate, and a tea candle.

Please note that this entirely handmade product, crafted with love and care, may exhibit slight differences and imperfections due to its artisanal nature.

Check out the price and more details here.

3. Miniature Metal Assembled Real Cooking Stove

A miniature cooking stove by MagicMiniHouse, on a scale of 1:12 in metal and assembled, available in a variety of vibrant colors including pink, yellow, blue, green, and white. This tiny stove is perfect for your miniature culinary endeavors and comes complete with a burner and snuffer as part of your order.

Package Contents: Simply choose your preferred color option from the dropdown menu in this multi-variation listing. Please note that while this listing covers the stove, furniture, and cooking accessories are available for separate purchase.

Specifications Stove:

  • Dimensions (CM): 10 cm (Length) X 16 cm (Height) X 5.5 cm (Depth)
  • Dimensions (INCH): 3.9’’ (Length) X 6.2’’ (Height) X 2.1’’ (Depth)
  • Material: Metal

Check out the price and more details here.

4. Miniature Metal Stove Oven For Your Tiny Kitchen 

Here’s another miniature real working stove by MagicMiniHouse, as she has so many terrific designs!

This exquisite miniature metal stove is black, working for real, and a true-to-life replica perfect for your tiny culinary endeavors. Included with your stove order are a burner and a snuffer, adding to its realism.


  • Dimensions (CM): 10 cm (Length) X 16 cm (Height) X 5.5 cm (Depth)
  • Dimensions (INCH): 3.9’’ (Length)

Its scale is 1:12, comes assembled, is from metal, and can be used with a tea light.

Check out the price and more details here.

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My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this next blog post on a series of real working miniature tools for the kitchen, this time on miniature stoves.

If you have any more questions about this topic, please feel free to leave them below in the comment section or join me on (one of) my social media channels below or my cozy Facebook group. See you there?

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