Kathleen Holmes Dollhouse Miniatures – One Of The Best Etsy Miniatures Artists!

Of course, there are a lot of magnificent dollhouse miniature shops on Etsy, like Aida Pravia and so many others. But amongst my favorites, Kathleen Holmes Miniatures is a top miniaturist as well, in my opinion!

Let’s dive a little deeper into her story and her work with this review and more info:

Who is Kathleen Holmes and her dollhouse miniatures?

Kathleen Holmes sells miniature accessories in her Etsy store and I wanted to share her work in a separate blog post because I love the way she sets up her miniature dollhouse and miniatures on Instagram and I wanted to show some of her pictures.

It can be a great example of how your collection during the years could look like!

Kathleen Holmes has been represented in several dollhouse magazines, like ‘Dollhouse and miniature scene’, and ‘American Miniaturists’, and ‘Miniaturas’-magazine.

She owns a dollhouse herself, which took her 3 years to complete and she has been creating dollhouses and miniatures for over 25 years.

Changing the decorations according to the seasons and holidays is one of her favorite things to do. Not only does she change the decorations inside the house, but the landscaping changes with the time of the year as well.

In my opinion, she creates the most fantastic miniatures scenes and one of the most famous dollhouses on Instagram, and I will prove that to you with the pictures below.

More specifically, you should see her kitchen scenes, where lots of miniature food is being prepared and served. Every time she shows a new picture on her Instagram, I can watch it for a long time, always discovering something new or unique!

When looking at the things that she posts on Etsy, she mentions that she works together with her husband Tim O’Dell on some of her miniatures, and he has a little Etsy shop of his own here.

He makes custom designs as well, so you can always contact him if you are thinking about purchasing something specific!

Mr. O’Dell has designed the dollhouse shell for her, take a look at the video of her house:

The design of the 1:12 scale dollhouse is made originally by him and has details like a screened-in back porch, heat registers, and built-in cabinets. What is wonderful is also that it opens at different angles.

Kathleen put individual shingles on the roof and the chimney is made with real bricks! The floor is made from walnut boards.

The landscaping and decorations around the house change with the seasons, more specifically the trees. The total result that you see in the video is a collection of miniatures for over 20 years. I would think that the house is museum-worthy, at the least!

In her shop, she does not sell the house or furniture, but mostly accessories like throws, knobs, or a fantastic-looking street lamp, all handmade and 1:12 scale.

The prices of the dollhouse accessories vary from $10,00 to 69,95 for the street lamp.

Overall Rank.

star reviews

Where to get this item.

On Etsy

Some pictures of her miniature scenes that change during the season holidays:

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • Buyers are raving over this shop, which means that a lot of them are giving 5-star reviews in the last 7 days
  • what I like about this shop, is that the items are very carefully scened in her own dollhouse so that you can see the result of what it can look like. She puts a lot of effort into that and it shows on her Instagram page.
  • handmade
  • High quality and professional made miniatures

The Bad.

  • returns and exchanges not accepted

Check out prices and a lot more details and miniatures from Kathleen Holmes miniatures here.

My Final Conclusion

It would have been a shame to just put this dollhouse miniature shop between 5 other reviews, so I made a separate one. Just to show off all the fantastic miniatures scenes from her own dollhouse and how she changes them around according to the seasons!

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I wish you happy crafting and/or collecting!

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7 thoughts on “Kathleen Holmes Dollhouse Miniatures – One Of The Best Etsy Miniatures Artists!”

  1. Hi Lizzy. Another great review. I am big fan of dollhouses (I own small collection by myself) but I didn’t know before Kathleen Holmes shop. Im impressed with quality and level of details and Im not surprised that shop have so great reviews. Prices are also reasonable, and I already seen few beautiful items to be put in my dollhouse.

    • She definitely is great in miniature scenes, I agree! Thanks for your comment,

      happy crafting!

      best regards,


  2. I am so impressed with the level of details achieved by Kathleen Holmes in her dollhouse miniature shops. Her 25 years of experience truly show off. Her work would stand out in the midst of other shops. However, you did well at not putting this excellent dollhouse miniature shop between 5 other reviews. Thank you!

    • Hi Ann,

      Thank you for your positive comment and yes, I really think it would have been a shame to not have shown more of her pictures and video, in my opinion šŸ˜‰

      happy crafting,

      Best regards,


  3. I have a Victorian dollhouse we had built with furniture for every room (built about 1995 for my daughter) that I want to sell. Any idea what outlets I should use to try to sell it through? Iā€™d be happy to send pics


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