Breathtaking Dollhouse Accessories By Lennie’s Tiny World!

Today we are crossing the Atlantic, all the way to the UK, to admire all the pretty dollhouse accessories by “Lennie’s Tiny World” 🙂

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I have been reaching out to some more fantastic miniature artists worldwide, because I thought it was time to also have some more small miniature sellers out there in the spotlights.

Let’s just dive straight into Lennie’s tiny world today, are you with me?

But First, Who Is Lennie from Lennie’s Tiny World?

To know a little bit more about Lennie and her wonderful dollhouse accessories, we first got in touch through my Facebook group, I think it was. 🙂

She is from Norwich, the United Kingdom, and is on Etsy since 2020.

So here’s her little story, in her own words:

” Lennie has always wanted to build dolls’ houses when she was a little girl but only got the opportunity now that she’s an adult.

She loves creating tiny things. When she was a little girl, she would cut out boxes and turn them into tiny houses and furniture. ( recognizable to me haha )

She did not have her own doll house in her childhood so when her husband gave her a 12th scale dolls house in 2020 as Valentine’s present, she was ecstatic.

She has been assembling 24th-scale kits since 2015.

Lennie was welcomed by a warm, caring community on Instagram and she began sharing her handmade creations with friends.

In a short time, she opened her Etsy Shop. Her creations are handmade and she uses Cricut for precision cutting at times.

Most of what she makes in her shop are similar minis she also has in her own dolls’ houses for her miniature scenes.

A registered nurse by profession, Lennie makes minis in her spare time.

She now has a few dolls’ houses, both 12th and 24th scale which she regularly gives new decorations and ‘facelifts‘.

She also has a dollhouse accessories and miniature bag shop, a jewelry shop and a miniature replica of her son’s bedroom, and a number of room boxes. “

Lennies Miniature Influences

Lennie is influenced by real-life influencers, her followers (have you seen my blog post on Instagram influencers yet?), and her childhood memories.

She has been imagining tiny things ever since she could remember. The most talented artists out there inspire her very much.

Which are the crafting materials that she uses and more.

Lennie is a self-taught miniature artist who does research, gets the books that she needs, and experiments with materials, while sometimes waisting some materials on trial and error sessions 🙂 (again, recognizable Lennie! haha)

She mainly uses wood, cardstock, fabric, faux leather, and clay, whatever works. This can be air-dry paper clay or porcelain clay.

Also, she is in the process of experimenting with resin and polymer.

Over time, Lennie has built wonderful friendships in the miniature world and some very special ones have led her to suppliers or people that have helped or assisted her in one way or another. ( I love that! )

If something is beyond her skills, she purchases the basic products, so it saves her time to finish an item that she has been wanting to make.

( I do exactly the same Lennie, with my fairy houses! )

When she thinks of something to make, she cannot stop thinking about it until she starts trying.

She has a Cricut machine and now learning to use cardstock for her tiny houses.

If she has a nagging urge to create, she gives some of her minis away to allow room in the crafting area lol ?. (again, so recognizable haha!)

Where To Find Lennie’s Tiny World And Her Dollhouse Accessories?

You can find Lennie’s Tiny World in 2 places:

Let’s head over to Lennie’s dollhouse accessories and more on her Etsy store!

Let’s go through her Etsy store step by step and take a look at all the different items in there!

1. Miniature Jewelry

Lennie has created lots of beautiful miniature jewelry and displays for the jewelry.

All 8 of them (so far), are on a scale of 1:12, are handmade

The materials used are resin, lace, filigrees, beads, glue, satin ribbon, acrylic paint, egg carton, micro beads, micro gems, and even natural sea shells.

I think these look quite unique, no?

2. Miniature bags, purses and shoes.

All these miniature bags are on a scale of 1:12 and they look so cute!

The materials used for these are: faux leather, cardstock, miniature buckles, micro sequins, microbeads, and metallic elements.

Ohw, and don’t forget these adorable pair of miniature high-heeled shoes in different colors and a shoe box. Length of the shoes – approx 2cm and width approx 1cm, also on scale 1:12.

3. Cute little Easter miniatures

Holiday-themed miniatures are amongst my favorites and Lennie has a few pretty ones as well.

Take a look at the cute little bunny slippers on a scale of 1:12, made from satin fabric, faux leather, cardstock, microbeads, and glue.

The adorable miniature plush bunny is suitable on both a 1:6th scale and a 1:12th scale.

4. Bathroom and nursery miniatures

Get your little miniature bathroom accessories at Lennie’s, that rhymes 😉

She creates miniature collectibles which include: A folded towel with a bow,
a rolled towel, a seashell, a soap bar, and soap bottles fixed on a tray that are not removable.

Also, the little diapers are so cute!

5. Beautiful miniature scenes.

These complete miniature scenes from Lennie are amongst my personal favorites.

Take a look for example at this “miniature garden potting work table” and all of its details.

Or how about this gorgeous “Craft Table Display / Miniaturist’s Work Table Display“? Isn’t it just what you need in your dollhouse?

6. Haberdashery

And last, but surely not least are the little miniature scenes that include miniature sewing-related things and haberdashery.

I am lacking vocabulary now, other than “beautiful” and “cute” over and over again haha!

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves 😉 (there’s more, check out the link below!)

A few customer reviews and a star-review.

Lennie’s store has received a 5-star general review on Etsy:

5 star reviews

A few things to consider:

  • The main scale of her dollhouse accessories is 1/12th scale, from time to time she makes 6th or 24th-scale minis.
  • Everything is handcrafted with great craftsmanship
  • You can order custom-made miniatures, but allow her 2-3 weeks to give her enough time to prepare. To finish an item will depend on its complexity.
  • Lennie has great communication, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact her!
  • The items are mostly one-of-a-kind.

    They are handmade so they are delicate and need a lot of care so returns are not effective or feasible in real circumstances.

    They are handcrafted and not mass-produced so exchanges are not possible.

    Lennie values customer service and will always work together with her buyers. Please get in touch with her about any issues or concerns. 

Let’s have a look at what customers are saying about Lennie’s Tiny World, shall we?

The names in the screenshots below are blurred out for privacy!

Check out more reviews here, there are almost 90 so far!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on the pretty dollhouse accessories by Lennie’s Tiny World!

If you have any more questions about this topic or would just like to chat with me, feel free to ask them in the comment section below or join me on my social media channels or growing Facebook group!

Also, please don’t forget to visit and subscribe to my Youtube channel, thank you!

I wish you happy collecting/crafting !

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  1. I have watched several YouTube videos about people who make miniatures.  Some people carve and some people build.  It is also the subject on one of the Murdoch Mysteries and shown on Midsomer Murders as part of the story line.  This site is very good at piquing a person’s interest in the subject.  I may have to go to the Etsy store and pick up a project and see if I have the talent and patience to complete it.  Love it!

    • Hi Dierdre!

      Thank you so much for your positive comment on Lennie’s work and others and I wish you a lot of fun with pretty miniatures!

      Kind regards,


    • Thank you so much, Dierdre. Really appreciate this. I’m sure you will have so much fun creating and building tiny things!!! I look forward to seeing them!

  2. Hi there Lizzy, 

    After reading this blog post, I was impressed by the breathtaking attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into creating these beautiful dollhouse accessories. It’s fascinating to see how even the tiniest objects can be made with such precision and care. Your blog post showcases the incredible creativity and ingenuity that goes into the world of miniature art and design. It reminds us that there are so many forms of art and expression that can bring joy and inspiration into our lives. Whether we are collectors, enthusiasts, or simply appreciate the beauty of the small things in life, this blog post is a great reminder of the power of creativity and imagination. Thank you for sharing these amazing dollhouse accessories with us!

  3. Thank you so much, Lizzy! This is so well-written and you are fab! It’s an honour to be featured on your blog. Thank you for an honest review and for taking note of the shipping costs. Unfortunately, that’s what costs UK postage lol! But I can assure you and your readers that my items are well-made. All the best on your blog! I am so thrilled to be in here! All the very best and big hugs to everyone!


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