Another Great American Miniaturist: An Honest Review On Rebecca Stewart From Tiny Dwelling

Well, this review on the American miniaturist called Rebecca Stewart got a little bit complicated and was the cause of some “heated” discussions in Facebook groups.

But, as ever, I prefer to have a clear perspective on things, but also bring along some nuances.

And that is exactly what this blog post and review is going to be: my personal opinion, but also based a lot on what other people are saying and handing everyone’s point of view on things.

So let’s go!

But first, who is Rebecca Stewart from Tiny Dwelling?

This part is totally based on what I found on her website and social media channels.

Because sadly, when I reached out to her on her Instagram page, I didn’t get any reply.

So @ miss(es?) Stewart: if you read this blog post and you would like me to change/add anything, please feel free to contact me still, thank you!

I first discovered “Tiny Dwelling” on a Dutch Facebook group, when someone mentioned her Etsy store, and a screenshot of her large and French country dollhouse.

French country dollhouse by @Tiny Dwelling

This house is on sale (custom-made) for $33,000. (yes, no comma is added in the wrong place haha).

My thoughts and other persons’ thoughts on this, I will dive deeper into below 😉

So I looked up this fantastic American miniaturist and first I found some information to share with you:

Not much personal information is been found on her journey or the history of her artwork, other than the fact that she used to own a Creative Arts brick-and-mortar Studio and Shop.

But you can maybe find this again in the next miniature magazines that she has been featured in:

  • She has been featured on on 3 different occasions: March 2017, September 2017, and April/May 2021.
  • on, she has been featured in March/April 2016 and July/August 2016. Also in May/June 2019.
  • and on American Miniaturist, she has been featured in September 2016 and in February 2018

And last, but not least, some of her work has been featured in 2 books!:

Book Number 1: On April 2019: “The Book of Mini”: on page 214.

This book is created by Kate Esme Unver and contains hundreds of pieces of miniature art and they are organized into sections: miniature food, tiny wildlife, little pottery, and more.

Interviews with collectors and miniature artists are included, where they talk about their ways and influences and anything else that they feel the need to mention about the miniature world.

Book Number 2: Katie Mouse and the Perfect Wedding: A Flower Girl Story

Rebecca Stewart’s miniature furniture has been represented in this children’s book, together with the mice in the story. Isn’t that cute 😉

This post contains affiliate links/images from Amazon

What Exactly Is Tiny Dwellings selling and what services does she offer?

Let’s now take a closer look at Rebecca’s store and all her beautiful creations, starting with the style!

What is the style of Tiny Dwelling?

Most of her miniatures and dollhouses are in the French style and heirloom made. They are all handmade and on a scale of 1:12.

Her miniatures are all one of a kind and there is no insurance that you could buy the same miniature again.

Besides creating new miniatures, Rebecca also recreates vintage miniatures and renovates other people’s miniatures.

Vintage French miniature wall decor @by TinyDwellings

Renovating them means amongst other things removing or adding fabrics, papers, paints, and trims.

New miniatures are finished by hand and they have their own unique character, making them look “older” or “aged”.

A list of the miniature items made by Tiny Dwelling

In total, there are 86 different miniature items available in her typical style. Off course, we are not going to name each one of them, but here are some categories:

  • dollhouses and room boxes. This is where it gets a little bit “pricey”, but I will explain/discuss this further below on why that is in the review.

  • Miniature furniture: French-inspired beds, country chairs, and more..

  • Miniature kitchen accessories

  • Miniature wall decorations: mirrors, paintings, and more..

  • All kinds of Miniature kits for books, a miniature dollhouse easel, a mini wall screen, etc..

  • A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

    Furthermore, Tiny Dwelling has a lot more different kinds of miniatures, like mini cakes, sweets, flowers, lighting and clocks, etc, etc..

A review on Tiny Dwelling and a heated online discussion.

As I mentioned before, I first discovered this artist in a Facebook group, where someone was saying that the French dollhouse from Rebecca Stuart was a “trashcan” dollhouse for a price that is way too high “for what it’s worth”.

Now, I reacted to this remark, because I totally disagree with this opinion and I will tell you why below.

But let’s first show you some pictures of the dollhouse, especially the interior.

american miniaturist

The exterior of the French Dollhouse

And the interior walls

So, this dollhouse is custom-made and needs a budget of $33,000.

Having seen these pictures, I would like to share a few of my thoughts on the topic:

  • It seems a little unfair to me that someone should call this dollhouse “a trash can”.

    Because it is not because of someone not liking a certain kind of style or type of doll house, that it isn’t actually a very professionally made piece of work.

    I mean: just look at the paneling on the interior walls: magnificent! Not everybody can do this!

  • This dollhouse is only made as a custom order, which means that every piece is unique and one of a kind. Plus the house is totally made along your own personal wishes.

    Also, it takes the artist plus 12 months, at the least, to finish this dollhouse.

    If you think of it that way, (think of your monthly wages), you will not only receive the latter by the end of the year but if you multiply it by 12 (months), would it still sound like a huge amount of money to you?

  • Art and beauty are in “the eye of the beholder“.

    What I mean by that is that what anyone is willing to give to a piece of art, is between the seller and the buyer, and it is actually no one else’s business what is being charged or not.

    Just my 2 cents.

Furthermore: take a look at this screenshot of what someone typed in a Facebook group (I blurred out the name).

I just totally agree with her and I couldn’t have said it any better!

Having said that, I will write a few pros and cons though on the store, as always 😉

The good and the bad.

The Good.

  • Is shipping worldwide, with customers in 50 states and 15 countries
  • Does fantastic commissioned work and they are certainly handmade!
  • Has a dollhouse restoration service
  • You can add a lot of personalizations to projects
  • well packaged
  • this store has raving reviews on Etsy, which means that it gets an average of 4,8 stars on 5 or more.

The Bad.

  • returns and exchanges are not accepted
  • well yes, these miniatures cĂ n get a little expensive, not for everyone’s wallet I admit, haha! But, do keep in mind my explanation above 🙂


Any purchase above $250,00 needs the BUYER to REQUIRE parcel insurance for the contents of the parcel.

If the order value is under $250.00, the parcel will be covered by the new Etsy Purchase Protection Plan program offered by Etsy.

Final Conclusion.

This store, for me, gets the 5 stars it deserves!

5 star reviews

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and review on the American miniaturist called Rebecca Steward from Tiny Dwelling.

If you have any more questions on this topic please feel free to ask them below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels or Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


American Miniaturist Tiny Dwelling

variable prices, check the store



custom orders


french style




The good

  • excellent craftmanship
  • great custom orders
  • has a dollhouse restoration service
  • shipping worldwide

The bad

  • quite pricey
  • returns and exchanges are not accepted

6 thoughts on “Another Great American Miniaturist: An Honest Review On Rebecca Stewart From Tiny Dwelling”

  1. First off, the name “Tiny Dwelling” is fully justified for these pieces of Art.

    It is time, passion and creativity blended together.

    The monetary value,  of artistic creation, in my opinion, is not meaningful. Do you like it and enjoy it?

    I remember getting a piece of jewelry from Queens, New York from a store that I just loved and could not take my eye off.

    They gave a beautiful peal earring set as a complementary gift for buying that piece. After I paid for it, asked how can this piece be so cheap. In my mind, I was wondering if it was real gold or not. In nutshell- it is pure gold and a magnificent piece of work. 

    It depends and I don’t want to judge anyone for this.

    These pieces look absolutely stunning and worth every penny.

  2. The Rebecca Stewart tiny dwelling was something new. I never knew there was an industry, or niche building tiny everything, and they are not doll houses and miniature furniture for kids very inciteful. You covered the topic thoroughly I have no questions and yeah I do agree with the one commenter who said she should be compensated for her time as I’m a contractor by trade and I tell people all the time do not try to make my prices. You pay for the expertise and the time if I dry wall a room in 30 minutes or a couple hours what I charge is what I charge if you can do it have at it as I have no shortage of clients. I’m sure it’s the same with he would I pay that much for some beautiful place holder in my home I don’t even invest in artwork so. Over all I liked the different variety of mini nice article.

    • Hi Jacob!

      Yes, everything that can be built in real size, can exist in small size, wonderful no? 😉
      And you are totally right: as a contractor, you make your own prices for sure and you deserve it to do your hard work!

      Thank you for the compliments ,

      Kind regards,


  3. What a GREAT post, Lizzy! Tiny Dwelling’s pieces are drool worthy and are meant for discerning collectors. Her pieces are gorgeous and worth the price, if you’re lucky enough to afford them. Not everyone can afford a Rolls Royce, a Dior dress or a painting from the Louvre, however, we can appreciate these things. Your post was well written and gave a fair assessment. Well done!!! ♥


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