15 Top Instagram Influencers On Dollhouses And Miniatures

Today I am going to talk about my list of 15 top Instagram influencers on dollhouses and miniatures that I am absolutely crazy about.

I haven’t been on Instagram for long myself (not much content on it yet), because I was already very busy with my 2 Facebook groups and Youtube-channel. But soon enough, I was hooked!

So, of course, you are very welcome to follow me, and I will follow back, but I would definitely advise following all these fantastic and top Instagram influencers on miniatures, so let’s dive straight into it!

( This list is not in any particular order, it is not the Olympic medals-competition 😉 ).

PS: @ the artists mentioned here. If you don’t like to be represented on my website, just give me a shoutout and I will remove everything!

(I try to mention and promote every social media channel that you own, but sometimes it is not appreciated and I’m sorry in advance if it isn’t).

updated juli 2023

Number 1: Miniature French World.

Profile link: Miniature_french_world

Some more information:

I can not find much information on her profile(s), but basically, she turns miniatures into beautiful French decors. Plus she owns a gorgeous dollhouse named “Beaconhill’.

She seems to make and sell miniatures as well on eBay and has other people making them for her.

This Facebook page is also owned by her.

Number 2: Patriziasantiminiatures

Profile link: Patrizia Santi Miniatures.

Some more information:

I have been following Patrizia for quite some time now and I am just amazed by her work every time she posts something new!

Most of all I love her designer miniature shoes and bags, but she also makes some furniture every now and then. All of them on a scale of 1:12.

She is based in Italy, ships worldwide and this is her website. Her other social media channel is Facebook.

Number 3: My Miniature Life

Profile link: myminiaturelife_yt

Some more information:

This is a special one. Mother and daughter working together on cooking REAL mini food!

You don’t believe me? Then have a look at the Youtube video below, where she is cooking miniature pancakes and bacon :-). Needless to say that this Instagram account is all about miniature food.

Even the running tap water is real, isn’t that amazing?

Number 4: Firefly Cottage.

Profile link: Firefly Cottage dollhouse.

Some more information:

This account is from someone who bought the Orchid Greenleaf dollhouse kit, Est. spring 2019, and the Graham Cracker Cottage.

You might wonder what makes that so special? In my opinion, it is all in the details of how the houses are decorated and photographed. I just love the setups and all the decoration pieces in the houses! I will let you judge for yourself.

Number 5: The Petite Plum.

Profile link: The Petite Plum.

Some more information:

This account represents the work of the professional miniature seller called “The Petite Plum”, she is from Canada and her real name is Tyleen Barker.

She has an Etsy shop, where she sells anything mini-related:

  • Books, cards and art
  • miniature food
  • mini animals
  • decor
  • mini bakery
  • and much more

I follow her on Instagram because her pictures are always set up in a fantastic way and the miniature scenes are very pretty. I love her clock by the way!

Number 6: Mebaru Felt Cat.

Profile link: Mebaru_Felt_Cat

Some more information:

I have no clue if this person has other profiles than on Instagram because everything is written in Japanese 🙂

But he, or she, makes the most beautiful felted cats and dogs that I have ever seen, they are so lifelike! Take a look for yourself!

Number 7: Jalminiatures.

Profile link: Jalminiatures.

Some more information:

Julie Lamb is the owner of this account and I’m amazed (again yes lol), about the mini things that she makes.

I love her dollhouse scenes, but also her birds, especially the miniature peacocks, gorgeous!

She has an Etsy shop as well, she doesn’t post as much on there though, because her pieces get sold out before she even has the time to post them there :-). I can imagine! Just take a look!:

Number 8: Aida Pravia

Profile link: Aidapramar.

Some more information:

Well, I could not skip this one for sure, as I have written a complete blog post on her before! (read all about it on that blog post!)

So, everything you need to know about this artist, you can find in that blog post, and I gave her a total point of 9.8/10, because perfection does not exist, but this comes really close for sure 😉

Number 9: Simon Williams Miniatures.

Profile link: Simonwilliamsminiatures

Some more information:

I have written about this artist before as well, as you can see in my blog post on Georgian-style dollhouses. So please, click on the blog post for more information about this artist, who works on commission by the way to make his dollhouses.

His website seems expired? But his Facebook page is still there and it mentions that he has been featured recently in Dollhouse miniature scene!

Enjoy the fantastic work and pictures on Instagram!

Number 10: Tallerdedavid

Profile link: Tallerdedavid.

Some more information:

This artist’s real name is David Castillo and he is an interior designer and model maker, which shows in his miniature work!

He crafts miniatures on a scale of 1:12, but also on 1:6. And has an Etsy shop, filled with miniature sofa’s/chairs/dresses, etc in all kinds of styles, just check it out!

Number 11: Bridgetmccartyminis

Profile link: Bridgetmccartyminis

Some more information:

On the list of my top Instagram influencers, it would be a huge mistake to skip the artist Bridget Mc. Carthy!

That’s why I have written about her before in this blog post. As you can see, she also has an Etsy page where she sells her miniatures. Amongst other things, I absolutely adore her miniature dogs, so damn cute! (pardon my French)

Number 12: Momof8minis.

Profile link: Momof8minis.

Some more information:

” Mom of 8 minis ” has a hobby of decorating her dollhouses and making miniatures scenes, and I love her for it! She makes fantastic stories with her miniature pieces and gorgeous pictures. She definitely knows how to do all this!

Follow her and I am sure that she will put a smile on your face!

Number 13: Even Tinier.

Profile link: even_tinier

Some more information:

This made it in my list of top Instagram influencers because these are very, very, and you know what: very tiny :-).

It is amazing to see how things so tiny, can still be recognized for what they represent!

The crafter called Marina also has an Etsy shop here and she makes custom orders. Take out your binoculars and have a look!

Number 14: Haruka_dd

Profile link: haruka_dd

Some more information:

It is hard to get a good translation from Japanese from this Instagram account, so all I know is that this crafter makes fantastic Japanese miniature food, they look very real and tasty!

Number 15: Antonella Nardi Miniature

Profile link: Antonellanardiminiature

Some more information:

I have recently discovered this account from Italy, and I am happy that I did. It is full of gorgeous (vintage style) dresses, lingerie, flower bouquets, and accessories.

This artist has a website and also an Etsy store. Just take a look at the fantastic miniature and handmade clothes!

My Final Conclusion On Top Instagram Influencers.

I hope that you enjoyed my blog post on my list of top Instagram influencers as much as I loved writing it, and especially doing the ‘research’ 😉

If you have any questions on this topic or would you like to add someone to this list? Then please leave a comment below or join me on my Facebook group, where I often share these kinds of artists!

I wish you happy crafting!

Best regards,


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  1. A lot of great information here about what influencers to follow when chasing a hobby or interest in Dollhouses and Miniatures. 

    I have a niece and quite a few cousins who would love this article., so I will refer them to these blog posts and they can admire all those artists on Instagram

    Nice job of incorporating your Facebook group into the article. I’ll have to tell my niece and cousins about this article and your Facebook group.

    Thanks for the article, Lizzy.

    • You are very welcome Caleb, and I hope that your family will enjoy the fantastic miniature artists on Instagram

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this article to know more about who does miniature houses on Instagram, as I was reading your article I was amazed by the amazing work these artists do, I could not pick just one as my favorite, I must say all of them do an amazing work, the French houses, the miniature dogs and cats are just amazing and so tiny, and I could keep talking about each one of them and their work, miniature houses are for sure an art!

    • Hi Alejandra,

      They sure are art, I totally agree! Thanks for your comment and have a nice day!

      Happy crafting,



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