Top 7 Unique Miniature Dollhouse Kits For Adults

I can go on talking about dollhouse kits for adults because there are so many of them ;-).

But because there àre so many, today I would rather talk about some unique dollhouse kits for adults on the market, well at least the ones that I personally find unique.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into things!

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But first, why would you look for unique dollhouse kits for adults?

The reason why I sometimes look for unique dollhouse kits is simply that, well, I want to have something unique haha.

Although most of these DIY house kits are certainly lovely, there is something about showing off your finished kits to the world (online or not), that not many people seem to have bought or finished, and that can make me very proud.

(like seen on this Facebook group that focuses only on DIY miniature kits)

Because after all, who doesn’t want to bé unique or one-of-a-kind? Ok, this might seem a little bit vain haha.

(why do I have this song in my head going like “you’re so vain” tralalala)


This could have some negative effects though, like to difficult to assemble, the manual being very unclear, maybe too expensive, etc.

But we will go over all the pros and cons of each kit below and see.

Check out the 7 best miniature kit brands on the market.

7 Reviews on unique dollhouse kits for adults.

Let’s now head straight for the reviews! These reviews are based on my own experiences with some of the brands and reviews found on social media ao.

This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and Etsy, at no extra cost to you.

1. A Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Kit- Seattle Villa 

This “Seattle Villa” wooden dollhouse miniature kit is not something that I have seen online before a lot, so it’s ideal for our “unique” topic 😉

This kit is made by Kanuzya, and has lovely bright colors, and you can open it up to look inside, and the roof is also openable.

ScaleSize: 8.9*7.5*9.8(CM)/3.5*2.9*3.8(IN)
I’m not sure about the exact scale, but it looks like
1:96 scale and definitely not 1:24 scale
Pro’s– made from durable materials like wood and paper
– can be done in cooperation with adults and kids
– exists in 2 different versions, each equally pretty design
– this little dollhouse would be suitable to use as a
– the price includes the furniture
Contra’s– this is a very small scale and might be too hard for some
people to assemble
– no glue or batteries included
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Make2 days

Version number 2 in the back from the same seller.

2. The Sakura Tree House

When I was Googling around, I noticed this little wooden DIY dollhouse kit by “Flever” ( I don’t think that that is actually a brand, but not sure which one it is then )

It has an Azian-style design and represents a little treehouse that I had never seen before, and I find it quite interesting!

BrandUnknown, presumably Cutebee
Size: 11.8″*8.7″*13.8″ 
Pro’s– Pretty and original design
– includes a dust cover
– easy-to-follow instructions
– contains many pieces for hours of assembling fun
– great quality product
Contra’s– Batteries not included: 2 pcs of AAA batteries are required.
– glue is not included: Fast grab tacky glue is recommended
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to Make18 to 24 hours

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3. Spilay Dollhouse Kit Mini Modern Villa Model

Another one of those dollhouse kits for adults that I haven’t seen yet on social media and it sure is something different than the “usual suspects” 🙂

It represents a modern villa model with a music box, including furniture.

Scale1: 24 scale
size is 9.05*3.93*7.87 
Pro’seco friendly materials
– I haven’t seen a modern design of this type
for a DIY kit yet
– everything fits together well
Contra’s– Batteries and glue not included
– instructions don’t seem clear
– not suited for beginners
– some pieces can be warped
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to Makethis can take a while, as it is not for beginners,
and has lots of papercraft work, about 30h minimum

4. A heart-shaped DIY miniature kit.

When I saw this lovely heart-shaped DIY dollhouse kit, I fell in love, literally and the best part is that it is quite affordable as well

I figured out some downsides though.

There are 4 different themes for these heart-shaped kits, the one in the picture below is called “Star Cabin”.

Scale1: 24
Size: 5.5’’ * 5.1’’ * 2.9’’ 
Pro’s– Very affordable miniature kit
– this is quickly assembled if you are looking
for a short yet pretty project
– apart from the clear film, assembling is easy
Contra’s– Doesn’t include glue or batteries
– the vinyl clear outside film is not easy to install
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Make6 to 10 hours

5. China Town dollhouse miniature kit in a book nook.

Have you heard about the new book nook trend?

I have written several articles on this fantastic way to decorate your bookshelf, and I notice new ones regularly or ones that I haven’t seen before.

Today, we are having a look at this one in the form of a China Town book nook.

Scale1: 24
17cm x18,5cm x 8,5 cm
Pro’s– clear manual with pictures
– unique design in Chinese style
Contra’s– no available reviews, that’s how unique this is 😉
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to Make24 hours is estimated

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6. Cutebees Little Magic House

Talk about the cutest little dollhouse kits for adults, this little Magic House is one of them!

It is from a known brand called Cutebee, but still, it is quite unique and not bought much.

Scale1:24, although I believe Cutebee is rather 1:22
size 7 x 5.1 x 5.5 inches
Pro’s– Great design
– includes a dust cover and music box
– easy-to-follow instructions
Contra’s– Glue and batteries not included
– pieces don’t always assemble easily
– frail pieces
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Make14 to 16 hours

7. Kit 1:144 Laser Cut Charleston Single Dollhouse Kit 

Talk about a unique dollhouse kit, this one is quite special!

It represents a dollhouse inspired by the classic Charleston Single House architectural style popular in historic Charleston, South Carolina, and is on a very small 1:144 scale.

In Sinny’s store, there are several other gorgeous little miniature kits and miniature objects, so many pretty things are available, that I think that I will contact the builder soon for an in-depth article on her and her work!

These kits seem to be laser-cut, have you heard about the process of laser cutting?

BrandSinnys Mini Art
Scale1:144 scale
Pro’s– Very professional and breathtaking design
– original and one-of-a-kind dollhouse kits and miniatures
– the kits are laser-cut, which should mean that they
assemble quite easily and are durable
Contra’s– not one contra found unless maybe the scale
is too small for you personally and not doable for
your personal situation
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to Makeabout 6 hours I would guess is enough

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on 7 unique dollhouse kits for adults, and rest assured that it will be expanded over time because I’m quite sure there is more out there!

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If you have any more questions about this topic or would just like to chat with me, please feel free to place a comment in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

You can also join my social media channels or Facebook group which is reaching about 5000 members now.

I wish you happy crafting!

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7 thoughts on “Top 7 Unique Miniature Dollhouse Kits For Adults”

  1. These dolls houses look so lovely and quaint and not just for the younger generation. Adults collect miniature items and can transform them into a cozy house as a hobby. Part of the fun must be building such intricate houses in the first place as there is so much detail involved. More suitable for small fingers perhaps? It’s incredible how realistic they look too, compared to when I was a child and playing with dolls houses. Things have definitely come a long way since.

    • Hi Louise!

      They sure look cute, I know right?

      Suitable for small fingers you say? Well, you might be surprised what large male hands can make in the miniature world haha! Take a look at the Tudor dollhouses from Kevin Jackson, for example!

      I wish you happy crafting!

      Kind regards,


  2. Thank you so much for sharing these great options for dollhouses for adults. It can be easier to find more traditional-looking styles, but not as easy to find more modern styles. I adore the Chinatown book nook and the Spilay Dollhouse Kit Mini Modern Villa Model. These two styles look like something that would be great conversation starters. They do not look like what people traditionally think of as a dollhouse. So cool!!

    • Hi Aly!

      You are very welcome and I hope that you will enjoy either of them!

      I wish you happy crafting!

      Kind regards,


  3. Love your site and the info therein. At my age, 1/12 is for me. (in my 80’s)
    Would love to see something different. Just finished a modern kit, I enjoyed seeking modern furniture and accessories. Looking now for a plant shop/one to have lots of plants, etc.

    • Hello Mary!
      Thank you for the compliments and still crafting in your 80s is fantastic, I hope I will be able to as well 🙂
      So if I understand your question, then you would like to have a modern kit with many plants on a scale of 1/12, right?
      I’m afraid that lots of these modern kits are on a scale of 1:24 or even smaller. But I will look further for you and maybe I find something on Etsy, let’s hope so!
      Best regards,


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