Present YOUR Best Etsy Stores On My Blog!

What is the meaning of this particular page you might wonder? Well, it is all about helping you out with the sales of your miniatures or dollhouses from all the best Etsy stores out there!

(Disclaimer and more information down below, please read this before contacting me)

A few examples of people already present on my website:

tudor doll house

The Tudor dollhouses by Kevin Jackson

His Etsy Store.


Beautiful Miniatures by Kammy’s creations.

Her Etsy Store.

Aida Pravia Miniatures

Her Etsy store


Beautiful wallpaper designs 

By Scale Print And Design On Etsy here.


miniature dollhouse food

Tasty dollhouse miniature food and more by Tyleen Barker from The PetitePlumGifts

Her expanded blog post here.

what is milk painting technique


What is milk painting and some more information on AroundTheBlockMinis.

dollhouse accessories


A full review of Lennies Tiny World


Check out the full review here.


kathleen holmes 9

Kathleen Holmes full article

Kathleen Holmes’ Etsy Store

Do you want a more into depth article about yourself and your work on my website and do you have an Etsy store, like Kammy’s Creations? Feel free to contact me here as well and let’s work together!


Disclaimer/ More Information

  • What is in this for you?

==> You get a FREE spot right here on my website, I don’t require any money from you, at all.

I’m not a website like the one from American Miniaturists, charging you 20 bucks a month. (sorry for offending anyone, but I don’t have a good experience with this magazine, that’s just my opinion)

==> Why would it be so nice to be presented on my blog, you might wonder?

Well, I’m quite proud to have achieved up to almost 30K visitors a month to my website now and it is still growing each month. Here’s the proof from my Google Analytics:

I am pretty confident that by the end of March 2023, I will have reached 30K viewers per month, and more by the end of the year. I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t keep on growing if I keep on blogging 😉

You would be able to send me your best picture, so I can place it right here on this page with a link to your name and Etsy store.

So basically, you would get free publicity on my website.

Later on, I might still place a donate button on this page, if you would like to support me in doing this, but I absolutely am not demanding any payment from you.

You can donate here, but no obligation at all!

So, please do help me to represent the best Etsy stores out there (dollhouses and miniatures, dolls only, of course) and send in your pictures and link to your store!

  • What’s in it for ME?

Let’s be upfront: as I am also a marketeer for Etsy, I might get a small commission (4%) on each sale you make.

If you don’t sell anything from your best Etsy stores through my website, I get nothing. It’s as simple as that ;-).

Now you might think: “well, she is still getting paid by me then, and it is actually not “for free”?

Then I don’t think that you understand this principle of marketing very well, because first of all, there is NO extra charge for you whatsoever, and everyone who is on Etsy actually already works with marketers behind the scenes, to draw traffic to your particular store, worldwide!

Every single retailer online does it, Etsy uses marketers, Amazon, eBay, etc, and even Hobby Lobby I have seen them doing this haha.

Contact me at this email address, which is different than the one on my personal page, for either more information about all this or to send me your details please and I will post them ASAP!

(your pictures will get a reduced file size though, so as to not slow down my website too much)

Thank you for reading this and I wish you happy crafting and selling your lovely work!!

Kind regards,