How Accurate Is the Ikea Dollhouse’s 1:12 Scale Claim? Let’s Get Our Rulers Out!

In short: yes, the Ikea Dollhouse has approximately the standard scale of 1:12. The ‘standard scale’ is actually based on Queen Mary’s dollhouse, which you can still see at Windsor Castle!

But, there is a reason why I say ‘approximately‘ here, so let’s see what I mean!

Understanding the dimensions of your dollhouse, like the IKEA models, sets you up for a better experience as you select furniture, dolls, and decorations.

Notice: the main image is an upcycled dollhouse by @LittleWillowRoom on Etsy

But, Is An IKEA’s Dollhouse a True 1:12 Scale?

After looking into the specifics, it turns out that IKEA’s dollhouse, often known as the FLISAT doll’s house, isn’t built entirely to the mm on a 1:12 scale.

Instead, it operates on a slightly larger scale.

While the IKEA dollhouse may not perfectly match these dimensions, the difference isn’t so drastic that it limits your ability to fill it with various dollhouse furniture and accessories.

Keep this in mind: if you’re planning on using 1:12 scale furniture from other brands or hand-crafted items, they may look slightly disproportionately small compared to the intended scale of the FLISAT.

But don’t worry too much about this, because an Ikea dollhouse is not for dollhouse collectors, but is meant for children to play with.

If you are not sure if your dollhouse furniture would fit into your Ikea dollhouse, you can always use my scale converter tool, to find out if sizes match!

Remember That You Can Always upcycle or remake an Ikea dollhouse.

I think this was a rather short article from me, you are not used to it, right? haha!

But to end this post though, I would like to share this fantastic video, where Vinn Pang has filled the Flisat Ikea dollhouse with her own miniature creations and a Sylvanian family of mini mice, enjoy!

My Final Conclusion

I really hope this overview helps you understand the scale of the IKEA dollhouse and how it might impact your selection of miniatures and furnishings.

If you have any more questions or something to talk to me about, please leave a comment down below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels or my DIY tutorials on YouTube!

I wish you happy crafting!

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