Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Toys For Children – By Plantoys USA

I have talked about durable doll houses and sustainable eco-friendly toys for children before, and then I stated that I wanted to write something more about the company called Plantoys USA.

So this is exactly what I’m going to do today and write you a short review about this wonderful company, in my opinion πŸ˜‰

Mind you, this is not all about just dollhouses as usual, but I got enthusiastic about this method of producing dollhouses, that I nééded to write about this.

You can call it a craving haha!

Who Exactly is Plantoys USA And What Do They Stand For?

While you could consider dollhouses from Kidcraft, for example, eco-friendly and surely durable, I would think that Plantoys USA is stepping up an extra mile/km.

Plantoys USA is on a mission to manufacture toys and dollhouses in a durable way since 1981.

To add to this, it is not just about the environment, but also 2 other pillars: child safety and how everything is developed.

What this actually means is that three things are taken into consideration: Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Manufacturing, and a sustainable Mind!

On their website, you can see what all this means, but let me explain this a little bit further, with the next three points:

1. Sustainable Materials.

  • The rubber toys are made from 100% natural rubber and are all kinds of weather resistant

  • No chemicals are used for the toys and the ink is plant-based and biodegradable

  • Fabrics, rope, and recycled paper are always chemical-free and safe for children and workers for the toys

  • the rubber wood is from rubber trees that no longer produce latex and thus are called reclaimed rubber trees

  • Plantoys USA uses a kiln drying process, which means that the wood is dried in a chamber with air circulation and relative humidity.

    And the temperature can be controlled and the whole process happens without chemicals.

  • Plantoys uses Planwood ;-). PlanWood is fabricated from 99% surplus rubberwood sawdust and is chemical free as well.

  • The glue that Plantoys uses is toxins-free and is called E zero-glue. It is mostly formaldehyde free, apart from other chemicals.

  • They use water-based dyes, again no heavy metals or lead is in it

  • Any ink is plant-based
No Chemicals

2. Sustainable manufacturing

  • Plantoys is a carbon-neutral company. This contains reforestation and in some years even over 3900 trees are replanted.

    They are basically striving to be a carbon-neutral cooperation.

  • This company owns an ISO 45001 certification. And they also received the SA 8000 notification for employees, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees.

  • ISO 9000 and ISO 14001: these are more certificates that the company received for the world-class quality of products and services and for excellence in environmental management.

  • Plantoys has a fantastic reputation turn on international safety standards.

  • At the Plantoys children’s Museum, solar energy is used to generate electricity.

  • Nothing is wasted at Plantoys because leftover pieces of wood and chips are used to produce heat energy by using Biomasse energy.
Use Solar Energy

3. Sustainable Mind

  • Plantoys strives to keep their organization and staff happy, not just by not using chemicals in the factory, but also by using safer manufacturing methods and offering a way to have a solid Union.

    Thus supporting financial and mental wellness for the employees.

  • This company has constructed PlanNeramit: a playhouse and children’s theatre where families can enjoy some time together to play Γ nd learn while playing.

  • A fantastic museum has been constructed by Plantoys in Bulgary, showing a history of all the toys around the world during history.

  • In Thailand, this company has a community club where everybody can join in activities outside of the classrooms.

  • Plantoys has a foundation called Sarsaeng-Arun which provides a library, park, and magazine to build awareness around eco-friendly living and a sustainable planet.

  • Mom-made toys project” is an initiative from Plantoys where they designed and produced a series of toys for children with special needs, like cerebral palsy, autism, and blind children.
The community gets involved in the process

Contact Info And Adress Of Plantoys.

Their head office is in Thailand, but they have offices all over the world, including Japan and Europe.

The one from the USA is located in:

  • 1341 N. Market Blvd Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95834
  • phone number : Tel: +1 650 968 4783
  • email address:

Which Items Does Plantoys USA Sell?

All of the products from Plantoys are marketed as “green” and have a long list of categories, including:

Toys For Babies

Yes, Plantoys even has little wooden toys for babies and they are the cutest!

For example, check out this stacking ring or the wooden bell rattle below it!

Block Toys and Toys For Construction

These wooden blocks from Plantoys can be used perfectly to construct little “dollhouses” , “chateaus” or even marble runs. Check them out!

Wooden Games And Puzzles

Talk about utterly cute little puzzles from Plantoys, especially the ones with cat-mom and kittens! πŸ™‚

Learning And Education

Sustainable eco-friendly toys for children are not just about play, but also learn from them while playing, wouldn’t you agree?

Plantoys just might have the ones that you are looking for to educate your kids! For example, you can teach them what a beehive is with the toy below!

For The Music!

Which kid doesn’t like music I wonder? And how about them just giving it a go at a drum (with a bang!) or playing with the lovely sound of a tambourine?

Push And Pull

Push and pull toys are toys that you can literally push (with a stick) or pull (with a rope).

They have all kinds of shapes, like this cute alligator or push-along duck πŸ™‚


When your kid is taking a bath, the toys from Plantoys are also perfect to have fun while being in the water and they are safe and non-toxic!

Beware that the rubber boats are sold out quite fast sometimes πŸ™‚

Pretend Play And Roleplay

And last but not least, we have our “pretend play” toys, meaning things like cooking, little play kitchens and objects, firemen, nurses’ toys, and so much more!

PlanToys Wooden Dentist Role Play Set

PlanToys Wooden Assorted Fruit and Vegetable Food Set 

PlanToys Ice Cream Cone Pretend Play Food Set

Regarding the pretend-play dollhouses, dolls, and miniature furniture: we will dive deeper into this topic and more expanded below πŸ˜‰

Which Dollhouses And Miniatures Does Plantoys USA Sell?

Let’s dive deeper into the dollhouses, the dollhouse furniture, and the “dolls” from Plantoys USA because after all, that’s what this site is all about πŸ˜‰

Dollhouse figures/dolls.

  • All the dollhouse figurines from Plantoys are made from solid wood.

  • The arms and legs can easily be shaped, as they are wired.

  • These are all on a scale of 1:12 and are compatible with the dollhouses

  • Sustainable dolls made from chemical-free rubberwood

  • the glue used for these doesn’t contain formaldehyde

  • water based dyes and organic pigments are used to color the dolls

  • There are also miniature pets and accessories

Plantoys USA also has dolls of all kinds of ages, genders, and complexions:

A dollhouse family from Plantoys USA

  • dollhouse figure: children (boys and girls)
  • dollhouse figure: adults (male and female)
  • dollhouse figure: grandparents (male and female)
  • the dollhouse figurines can be black/caucasian/Asian/medium complexion and have all kinds of hair colors

Plan Toys Doll House Ethnic Family

PlanToys Family (Asian)

Plantoys Dollhouse Furniture

Plantoys USA also offers lots of different dollhouse furniture sets, with different themes, ao:

  • Miniature bathrooms

  • Miniature (children) bedrooms

  • Miniature garden furniture/playground

  • Miniature dining rooms

  • Miniature living rooms

  • Miniature nursery

  • Miniature kitchens

Dollhouse furniture nursery with baby

Complete dollhouse furniture set for a Plantoys dollhouse

Miniature playground set

Plantoys USA Dollhouses

Plantoys USA obviously also has dollhouses, or I wouldn’t be writing this article πŸ˜‰

Here is where I get a little bit less enthusiastic, not because of them being less durable or eco-friendly, on the contrary, but I do think that they are a bit pricey.

But I will let you judge for yourself πŸ˜‰

Plantoys USA My First Dollhouse

Plantoys Chalet Dollhouse With Dollhouse furniture

Plantoys The “Green” Dollhouse with Furniture

This blog post contains affiliate links/images from Amazon

A Review Of Plantoys USA With Some Pro’s And Con’s

The Good.

  • The toys from Plantoys got and still get worldwide recognition by getting 70 rewards from 11 countries around the world
  • chemical-free products and thus safe for children and the workers making the toys
  • Not just eco-friendly considerations are taken into account, but also the development of educational toys is important.
  • Great looking designs and plenty of choices in sustainable eco-friendly toys for children, dollhouses and dollhouse furniture, and dolls

The Bad.

  • The Plantoys dollhouses seem a little bit pricey..
  • the drums don’t seem to be very durable

Final Conclusion.

I am quite enthusiastic about the way these toys and dollhouse items are produced and I think it is quite unique in the eco-friendly world, but I am a little bit less happy with the prices of the houses πŸ˜‰

My Final Conclusion

While I’m sure that there are more sustainable eco-friendly toys for children on the planet than just from Plantoys USA, I find it worthwhile to mention their philosophy and point-of-view on my website.

If you are looking for durable dollhouses (kits) for adults, however, I would rather refer you to the houses from Greenleaf πŸ˜‰

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels or Facebook group.

I wish you a happy crafting/playing time with your kids!

Kind regards,


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  1. Hay, great to read about these sustainable and chemical free childrens toys. There is definitely something rewarding for both the child and the environment when we invest in toys that have been made using things that do not cause so much harm to our planet and we know our children can play with in safety!  The dolls house looks well built and fun for children to want to play with! 

    • Hi Tigan,

      They sure are indeed a fantastic thing for the future of our planet and for our kids, I’m happy that you agree!

      I wish your kids lots of fun playing with them!

      Kind regards,


  2. Thank you for coming up with Plantoys. I m so delighted to find out that my children can now have toys they can play with freely without any form of hazards. From the recycled paper to the rubber wood saw dust, all chemical free. And I am glad you made it easy for me to get them via Amazon. Once again, I say thank you  

    • Hi Parameter,

      You are very welcome and I hope that they will enjoy playing with the toys and dollhouses from Plantoys USA!

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