What Are Kidkraft Dollhouses-Some Insights

ThΓ© most asked question on Google is when you enter the keyword “dollhouses” is: “what are Kidkraft dollhouses”? So today we will try to answer that question.

In the past, I have talked a lot about miniatures or dollhouses for adults, but we forgot about children’s dollhouses :-).

The only time that we talked about miniature toys for kids, was actually more about 3D miniature puzzles, and others.

Let’s just dive straight into the topic.

What Is Kidkraft Dollhouses And Toys?

KidKraft is a brand that has been producing creative wooden toys and children’s stuff for over 50 years.

Lots of kids have “baked cakes” or decorated dollhouses with Kidkraft toys during all those years.

Founded in 1968, this brand is a true pioneer for these toys for children and will make them feel like they are in a big human world.

Here’s a list of other products that this brand sells because they sell more than just dollhouses:

  • Dollhouses
  • Dolls
  • Doll furniture
  • “pretend play” toys like play kitchens and accessories (divided into toddler kitchens, large kitchens and corner kitchens)
  • train sets and accessories
  • toys and play sets like: vehicles, music instruments, teepees, activity tables, etc..
  • all kinds of kids furniture
  • anything for the kids bedroom
  • and last but not least: outside things for kids like playhouses, swing sets, toddler climbers, outdoor play and sandboxes, etc..

Is Kidkraft Made In China Or Is Kidcraft An American Company?

Kidkraft has several office locations in Texas, USA, so people from the US can order straight from their website, the rest of the world can buy their products from retailers.

The question of whether their products are manufactured in Asia is hard to find and they are vague about it on their website.

They just say that they are made “overseas”. So I would conclude that they are made in China or in another Asian country πŸ˜‰

Are Kidkraft Dollhouses For Barbies?

The dollhouses that this brand sells have different scales:

  • dollhouses for 12″ dolls
  • houses for 18″ dolls
  • and dollhouses for 5″ dolls

So you can actually choose a dollhouse according to the dolls that you already have, or buy their own brand of dolls.

Barbies are on a scale of 1:6 and an adult male doll is 12 inches tall, so to answer the question: yes, they can fit a Kidkraft dollhouse πŸ˜‰

Kidcraft sells their own dolls as well, like these in the pictures below.

Lots of people use Barbies though or other types of suitable dolls for these sized dollhouses, like “Rainbow High” dolls.

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What Are Kidkraft Dollhouses Made Of?

All the Kidkraft toys are made of quite sturdy materials.

They are made of MDF, wood, and plastic and can last a lifetime or at the least until the child is too old to play with them.

What Is The Actual Scale Of These Dollhouses?

Kidkraft has dollhouses for 12 cm (5 inches) dolls, dollhouses for 30 cm (12 inches) dolls, and mansion dollhouses for 30 cm (12 inches) dolls.

How Much Does A Kidkraft Dollhouse Cost?

There are so many of these dollhouses, that it’s too hard to mention a price. The prices are variable, from as low as 24,00$ for a small house to 240,00$ for a large house.

For What Ages Are These Dollhouses Suitable?

Kids can play with dollhouses from an early age (3+) until they are (early) teens, it really doesn’t matter.

After all, we as adults still “play” with dollhouses, don’t we? Just admit it haha!

Anyway, the age will also probably decide which size of house you will choose in the end. After all, you can’t buy a high dollhouse for a 3-year-old, because the top floors can’t be reached…

Which Styles Do These Dollhouses Have?

The dollhouses from Kidkraft look quite “girly”, with a lot of pink colors, and they have terms like “Disney princess royal”, “Princess Party Castle”, “Rainbow Dreamers Unicorn Mermaid Dollhouse”, and more.

Some Reviews On Kidkraft Dollhouses.

You might wonder if Kidkraft is a good brand?

The answer to that question is in general: yes, sure!

Let’s get over some pros and cons though:

The Good.

  • As I said before, these dollhouses are quite sturdy and safe for children (be sure to watch the suitable ages for each toy though, to for example make sure that your toddlers don’t swallow small pieces)
  • you could totally “redo” the dollhouses to your own taste
  • They pay close attention to the shipping and installation proces
  • The playsets don’t have an abundancie of seperat boxes, and a clear manual, so anyone with 2 hands should be able to assemble their toys
  • Kidcraft has very affordable products

The Bad.

  • This could be positive or negative, it is your personal point of view. The models of these toys can change every year, so if you liked one product, it can happen that the next year it isn’t available anymore.
  • The dollhouses that are made with background cardboard paper don’t seem to fit together well and fall appart easily, so be carefull with those!

Where To Buy Kidkraft Dollhouses And Where To Buy Parts?

You can get anything you need from Kidkraft on Amazon.

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What Is The Warranty For Kidkraft Dollhouses?

The basics of these toys and furniture made of wood have a warranty of five years and accessories and hardware one year. Of course, this has conditions, so check out the details.

If you should discover manufacturers’ errors, replacing parts is possible in the first 90 days and you can do this online.

Where To Find A Manual For Kidkraft Items?

You can enter the name of the product or the number of the item here and search for the manual. If not you can Γ©mail them @aucustomerservice@kidkraft.com.

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that I have answered all the questions that you might have on Kidkraft dollhouses because kids need to play as well, don’t they? πŸ˜‰

If you do have more questions or would you just like to chat with me, then please leave a comment below, join me on my social media channels or Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


KidKraft Dollhouses

Variable prices





Made for Kids


Safe toys


The good

  • Quite affordable
  • Made for children to play with and very safe
  • Sturdy toys
  • adults can 'redo' these dollhouses

The bad

  • the cardboard dollhouse version is not easy assembled
  • parts can be sold out quickly a year after
  • not meant for adults to craft with

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  1. Hello, thank you for this!
    I love the Kidkraft dolls of the third picture with the professional dolls πŸ™‚ I have a friend of mine that is a chef and would love to have that mini-cook for his daughter who is turning 8 soon πŸ˜€
    The dollhouses are really nice too and they seem to be made for everyone, starting from as low as 24 is a real bargain for a really beautiful gift for our kids.

    • I hope that your kids have a lot of fun with the little kitchen or one of the dollhouses, Johnny! 

      Thank you for your comment!

      Kind regards,


  2. I didn’t realise that dolls were made for adults, children yes, but never adults.  Kidkraft doesn’t seem to be a new concept but I’ve never heard about them.  The whole concept makes a very interesting read.  Having read your review, I’m happy to see the cost of the dolls, houses and furniture is all reasonably priced.  What can I say every day is a school day!

    • Hi Derek!

      Yes, adults can have dollhouses as well, but more like collecting them or crafting them. As with miniatures πŸ™‚ People even pay lots of money for collection dolls like Blythe dolls, they are kind of fascinating πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for your comment!


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