Melissa And Doug – An Amazing Story Of Toys And Dollhouses

When Googling ” dollhouse furniture ” or even just ” dollhouses “, I can’t deny the presence of this toys- and a dollhouse-selling company called Melissa and Doug, so I got curious.

At first, I was doubting to write about this on my website, but then I thought: as this brand is so popular, I needed to research this couple’s story and the reasons why they are so popular, no?

And I must say: there was more to it than I thought beforehand, so let’s share!

Update on 08/12/23 and our latest information: Melissa & Doug’s net income has decreased from $88.1 million to $28 million!

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Who owns Melissa and Doug? A little history.

Melissa & Doug Bernstein started off in a basement in America in 1988, where they invented all kinds of wooden children’s toys.

The brand “Melissa and Doug” is nowadays mainly known for its wooden puzzles, wooden doll houses, and lots of other wooden toys.

While this amazing couple started out as a humble company, nowadays it is a thriving and billion-dollar cooperation.

The company and brand clearly have made the couple quite rich beyond their wildest dreams, by owning a lot of homes and other material stuff that makes this world go round;-)

It looks like the company has been having steady growth for over 33 years now!

While being financially successful, Melissa has always struggled with mental health and she even wrote a book on it.

Surprisingly maybe, her success story comes with a little hidden secret which you can read about some more here.

What kind of products are made by Melissa and Doug?

Melissa has designed all 5,000 of its products, all of them low-tech.

The Melissa & Doug company’s philosophy is striving for all screen-free toys, to try and limit screen time for young children, which is a terrific idea, in my opinion.

One of the first products was the Fuzzy Farm Puzzle, which was a wooden puzzle that had texture. Later, lots of wooden puzzles were added. 

It wasn’t until the 1990s, that the company expanded its choice in wooden toys, plush toys, dollhouses, etc.

Let’s dive a little further into all the lists of products that I have seen on Amazon.

But as this is really quite an expanded list, I will more likely go into more detail on the dollhouses than on the rest of the toys, obviously 😉

Building toys, collectible toys, and educational toys.

Melissa and Doug have a big collection of wooden building toys and collectibles.

I have even seen huge building blocks made from extra thick cardboard and I haven’t seen these elsewhere. Aren’t these amazing, talk about eco-friendly!

Baby’s and Toddler toys

The baby and toddler toys from Melissa and Doug consist of stack-and-sort boards/little houses, children’s books, stacking trains, and more.

Check out this adorable little barn, for example, where your toddler can stack all kinds of animals.

(I think that the love for small things can start early with this one haha)

Arts and crafts supplies

The art and craft supplies from Melissa and Doug contain things like reusable sticker pads, wooden handle stamps, primary lacing beads, DIY jewelry designs, and so much more.

Kids’ dress-up and pretend play.

While dressing up as a firefighter, nurse, etc, kids can learn about all the different professions in the world while pretending to be someone else.

Melissa and Doug have all kinds of uniforms, play kitchens, ‘food’ sets, etc..

How about this cute little bake wooden pizza counter play set, for example?

Puppets and puppet theaters.

These puppets from Melissa and Doug are cute! Look at these animal puppets for example 😉

Wooden Puzzles

Melissa and Doug are selling Jigsaw wooden puzzles in all kinds of themes for toddlers and the number of pieces varies.

Wooden railway sets and parts

I love these wooden railways, they are so simple, yet hours and hours of fun for your child!

Sports and Outdoor play toys.

Outdoor toys for toddlers are also sold by Melissa and Doug and consist of things like a terrific camp stove play set.

Stuffed animals and plush toys.

Stuffed animals, plush puppets and plush purses, stuffed animal clothing and accessories, and so much more. You can get it all at Melissa’s and Doug’s.

Last but not least: dolls and dollhouses from Melissa and Doug!

Melissa and Doug sell about 14 different dollhouses, a few details:

  • There are about 10 fold-and-go/take-along small dollhouses and they are lovely!

    Like this one below, made from wood, with 2 play figures and 11 pieces of dollhouse furniture.

    What this means is that you can fold it together like a suitcase and that it has sturdy carrying handles. Ready and easy to take along on a holiday 🙂

    These are also considered “the gold standard in early childhood play” and are suitable for toddlers of the age of 3 years and up

  • Melissa and Doug sell about 3 large wooden dollhouses.

    There seems to be 1 modern multi-level wooden dollhouse with 19 pieces of handpainted dollhouse furniture, 1 Heirloom Victorian wooden dollhouse (no furniture included), and 1 “hi-rise” wooden dollhouse with 15 pieces of furniture – a garage and a working Elevator!

    Go check them out!

Even a Victorian-looking dollhouse!

That’s it!

A little review on the dollhouses from Melissa and Doug

We are not reviewing the toys, just the dollhouses.

4 stars and a half

The Good.

  • This company makes its own designs
  • Is using eco-friendly materials like wood mostly
  • The dollshouse furniture looks nice and well-made
  • the modern wooden dollhouse is perfect for customization or a makeover
  • I like the designs, Melissa has an original “eye” for design

The Bad.

  • Most products are made in China
  • the large wooden dollhouse seems to have issues with the bolts and not lining up of the holes
  • again for the large wooden dollhouse: the assemblement seems horrific (this doesnt seem to be the case for the Victorian dollhouse)


It is possible to recieve a low-quality sanded or painted dollhouse, as these are hand painted. But mostly, it doesn’t seem to happen a lot.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to look for a seller where you can easily exchange the dollhouse, or send it back!

A List of FAQs on Melissa and Doug selected for you

Are melissa and doug still together?

I would assume that Melissa and Doug are still together, as the couple has been together for 32 years and Doug still seems to adore his wife: "She is the most selfless person that I've ever met in my life," he said.

Are the Melissa and Doug products made in China?

The answer to that question is quite simple: yes the products from Melissa and Doug are mostly made in China. About 85 to 90% of them.

Their intention was not to manufacture overseas in the first place, but Bernstein tried to bring prototypes to factories across the USA, but nobody apparently wanted the job.


Are Melissa And Doug bought out?

I was a bit confused by this question, as in the article above it was mentioned that the company was now owned by the couple's children, but it seems to have been taken over by AEA investors in 2017.

What is Melissa and Doug’s net worth?

Melissa and Doug Bernstein's net worth is estimated at $350 million.

Is Melissa and Doug a good compagny to work for?

That is a question that is difficult to answer for me personally because obviously, I haven't worked there, but you can try and find out with these reviews on Good luck!

Does Melissa and Doug have dollhouse furniture?

Sure, most 1:12 scale dollhouse furniture can be used for Melissa and Doug dollhouses.

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you are now well informed about the toys and dollhouses from Melissa and Doug.

If you have any more questions about this topic or would just like to have a chat with me on dollhouses and miniatures, feel free to ask down below in the comment section.

Or join me on my social media pages or my large Facebook group of about 4000 members at the moment.

I wish you happy crafting!

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