How To Make Miniature Origami Flowers – Another Tutorial!

Welcome to the delightful little world of miniature origami flowers! With just a few folds of paper, you can breathe life into beautiful, tiny blooms that captivate and charm.

In the next section, ‘Gathering Your Miniature Garden Supplies,’ I’m going to equip you with the tools and materials needed to start your origami garden, give some insights on how to create those tiny flowers, and of course show you examples (of my own creation as well)

So, let’s go straight ahead and prepare to plant the seeds of creativity together.

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Gathering Your Garden Supplies: What You Need for Miniature Origami Flowers

Miniature origami flowers might look difficult to create, but with the right materials, you’ll craft these tiny blooms in no time. Let’s talk about the essentials you need to start your miniature garden.

  • First off, choosing the right paper is crucial. You’ll want lightweight but stiff paper that can hold a crease well, like kami or washi.

    I’m talking about paper that’s thin enough for delicate folds but won’t crumble under your fingers. Look for origami paper packs specifically designed for small crafts at your local art store or shop online for more variety.

  • Other must-haves are tweezers for handling minute folds, a bone folder for sharp creases, and a scoring tool to help with precision.

    While you can fold with your hands, these tools will add a level of fineship to your work.
  • Ensure your workspace is clean and flat. You’re working on a miniature scale, so even the smallest lint or bump can become a big issue. A tidy area allows for smoother folding and better focus.

  • Now, a magnifying glass might sound like overkill, but if you’re struggling to see those tiny folds, it’s a game-changer. Let your eyes relax while you concentrate on creating your mini masterpieces.
best magnifying glass 4
My magnifying glass off diopter 8
  • The finest scissors, to cut your paper to a millimeter, as sharp as possible, as this is in the mini world even more important than with regular origami. Each mm counts!
  • Let’s talk about the million-dollar question: what type of glue to use for miniature flowers?

    This deserves a bit more in-depth information, as I personally used different types of glue and I tend to switch.

    For miniature origami flowers, you’ll want a precise glue, that dries clear and doesn’t soak into the paper too much, as it could affect the delicate folds and overall appearance of the flower. Here are a few options:

    Craft glue or white glue: These types of glue are often readily available and dry clear. You’ll want to use them sparingly. You could apply a small amount with a fine-tipped applicator, toothpick, or brush for precise application.
    My favorite type of white crafting glue is called Grab Fast Tacky glue, especially the one standing on its head, so it is instantly available.

    Liquid adhesive with a fine applicator tip: Some liquid adhesives come with fine tips specifically designed for precise application. Look for ones that dry clear, stay smooth, and minimize wrinkles and clumps.

    Origami-specific glue: Some brands offer glues specifically designed for origami and other paper crafts. These glues are often formulated to provide a strong bond without damaging the paper. Like the brand called Tombow.

Now, although you will see me using a glue gun in some of my YouTube video tutorials (I sometimes just want to get my videos done quickly, to be honest, haha, as they take a lot of work editing and such), I would advise you to do as I say, not do as I do in those videos LOL!

With your materials gathered, you’re all set to jump into the heart of origami— and create your very first origami flower.

The Art of Origami: Step-by-Step Miniature Origami Flower Creation

I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step process to create your very first tiny paper blooms.

Using the petal fold technique is mainly used to create origami flower petals and leaves. It involves folding a portion of the paper inward and then unfolding it partially to create a layered effect.

To make a petal fold, you first fold the paper inward along a crease line, then unfold it partially, allowing the folded section to open up like a petal.

Petal folds add dimension and detail to origami models, making them appear more realistic and detailed.

Start simple. I recommend a less complex design, such as a mini tulip or rose, which will let you get the hang of the basic folds without too much frustration.

Let me start by showing my own creations so far, I can assure you that it was a learning curve for me too!

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1. How to create miniature origami roses?

In one of my first video tutorials on how to create miniature papercraft flowers, I assembled these tiny roses.

Watch how I create flower stems by folding and cutting green paper, then I draw a circle with a compass, to finally folding the mini roses and gluing them all together.

An easy, but pretty first project, no?

2. How to create origami miniature daisies?

In my next tutorial, which gets a bit more complicated, I have crafted these cute little mini daisies!

This time, I added toothpicks to the game for the stems and a green pen, and yellow and white acrylic paint.

Then you just need to fold and cut white paper and glue everything together again, that’s it!

3. How to create miniature origami orchids

Yeah, so these are a bit larger, but of course, you can always adjust the scale to your liking: origami orchids!

Here again, I am using green paper for the stems (and leaves), and cutting out the flower petals and stamper and folding them as seen in the video.

As a bonus, there is a second tutorial hiding behind the first one and you have 2 different projects!

4. How to create a bouquet of origami miniature spring flowers?

Spring crafting is in the air, so it’s time for a mini spring bouquet of different colored flowers.

Yet again, we are using the same method to create the stems with green paper, cut out the leaves from green paper as well.

And then, pick as many colors as you like and fold the flowers!

5. How to create origami miniature hyacinths- a different method than before!

Now for this one, we are using a totally different method than before to create these mini hyacinths!

First, you need to cut out long strips of paper and glue all of the strips together at the ends to form a very long strip, followed by splitting a toothpick.

Fold the long strip all around the toothpick, you now have a little “hat” of paper, and thus created a plant pot!

Create a smaller “hat” after the first large one and place this inside the pot. (you’ll see what I mean with all of this in the video)

You can now create heaps of little flowers in different colors, as much as you like.

To make the stems, this time I am using a metal wire and I wrap it in green floral tape.

Follow the instructions further to create the leaves of this plant.

Glue the flowers and leaves on the stems. Glue everything together in the paper plant pot, and done!

You can always adjust your approach down the road as you get more comfortable with these techniques.

In case you encounter a hiccup, check out more images or video tutorials that can help visually guide you, or ask me in the comment sections, here, or on my Youtube channel!

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Something extra: how to create miniature flowers from crepe paper ?

Don’t these paper flowers look so amazingly real? I must say, they look so real that I am jealous hahaha!

I would just dive in and try to catch their smell lol!

White Crepe paper, floral wire, scissors, floral tape, a ruler and pincers are all you need to create these, check out the instructions in the video!

Bringing Your Mini Paper Blooms to Life

Now that you’ve got the hang of creating miniature origami flowers, let’s talk about breathing life into them. I’m going to help you find creative ways to showcase your paper garden.

1. Create a miniature bouquet in a vase.

Maybe you can arrange your mini flowers in a bouquet and place them in a tiny vase?

Miniature roses in a small vase by “RosetotheOccasion” on Etsy

2. Create a miniature greenhouse or buy one and start to fill it up with flowers!

Have you seen my DIY greenhouse miniature kit called Cathy’s Flower House? It was my first DIY house kit from Robotime (aka Rolife), and it wasn’t easy!

But it was a journey for sure that lifted my skills in mini flower and plant making with the help of dollhouse printables. The difference here is that these were on a scale of 1:24 though, so keep that in mind!

But of course, you don’t need to go that route if you want to create your flowers with origami, it is after all very different.

You can check out my blog post review on dollhouse greenhouses though to catch those ideas for structures and architecture.

Miniature dollhouse greenhouse kit by DollhouseandMoreLLC on Etsy

3. Create A diorama room box
with flowers.

How about you create a roombox diorama that includes a lot of flowers, like a miniature florist shop or an old wall of a building covered in vines with flowers?

Let your fantasy run wild, anything is possible and there is no limit!

Miniature florist shop by @ MiniaturesPassionFR on Etsy

My Final Conclusion

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this journey into the delicate world of miniature origami flowers. Feel free to share your blossoming creations and any tips you’ve picked up along the way. I’d love to hear your feedback, so leave your comments below!

You can also join (one of) my social media channels below, especially my YouTube channel, for more tutorials on anything miniature-related, see you there?

I wish you happy crafting!

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