Get Your Own Halloween Miniature Village – From Etsy!

You guys! I have discovered these marvelous shops on Etsy, with the things she (or he) sells, you could set up a complete Halloween miniature village in no time!

Usually, I review about 5 or 6 different shops at a time, but this time I am reviewing only a few because they are pretty special and specific for the Halloween season.

Let’s dive right into them!

Shop number 1. LilBitOCharm


halloween miniature village
Halloween miniatures

Halloween decoration

home decor


fairy and spring miniatures

treasure boxes and chests

a digital download

Halloween miniatures

Furniture and room boxes

a few Christmas miniatures

and a few all occasions miniatures

Some more info :

  • This shop is with Etsy since 2017
  • handmade
  • has tons of miniature fairies and Halloween figurines, you can choose 1 or several in one package
  • materials used varies
  • collector’s items not meant to play with, but only for display
  • you can make an expanded Halloween miniature village from all the graves and others

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: $8,99 per piece

Overall Rank: on 315 sales

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

  • free shipping cost and fast!
  • great customer service
  • the items she crafted herself are good quality craftmanship

The bad:

  • on a closer look, these are not all handmade by the seller, so she didn’t package those either. But which ones are reselling, she is very clear about it in her advertisements
  • the items are a bit too large if you have an o-scale Halloween set.
  • returns and exchanges not accepted

My Final Opinion :

I love the Halloween miniatures, especially the graves. I can just imagine making a diorama with a Halloween miniature kit and surrounding the fields with graves and skeletons. I would buy it! But I am only giving them 4 and a half stars because not everything is handmade and that is what I like the most about buying on Etsy.


Shop number 2. VillageDisplayDesign


halloween miniature village
Halloween village display

Village accessories

holiday village base

holiday background

Halloween base

Halloween accessories

Harry Potter

Some more info:

  • is with Etsy since 2019
  • the Halloween displays are handmade or custom order
  • compatible with brands such as Department 56 or Lemax Spookytown villages

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: $295,00 for the stand, other things are obviously cheaper

Overall Rank: on 988 sales

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

  • all the displays are unique pieces (custom orders)
  • can be made in any size
  • the shipping is cost-free (from the US)
  • the miniatures are far more realistic than the brand names
  • very detailed craftmanship
  • I loooove the tombstones, have a look!
halloween tombstone
Miniature tombstone

The bad:

  • pricy (the displays, the tombstones are ok), but that’s what you pay for custom work
  • no other negative reviews were found, on the contrary: buyers are ‘raving’ on Etsy, this means that in the last 7 days this shop got lots of 5-star reviews!

My Final Opinion :

I love everything about this shop, if I had the room to create a Halloween miniature village, I would definitely buy from this seller!

Shop number 3. TreehouseLaserworks


halloween miniature village
Lasercut Halloween village

  • home decor
  • holiday decor
  • outdoors
  • temples
  • home or office decor
  • mothers day

Some more info:

  • handmade
  • Height of the Halloween houses: 12 Inches
  • Materials: Lasercut Baltic Birch and painted black with glitter
  • comes with a wooden stand

Place(s) To Buy: Currently unavailable sorry!

Price: $15,00

Overall Rank: on 177 sales

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

  • affordable price
  • returns accepted
  • responsive seller
  • high-quality items

The bad:

  • nothing but positive reviews to be found!

My Final Opinion :

I was looking for some Halloween-themed little houses to form a ‘Halloween village’, but apart from number two in this list, and the next item number 4, there was not much more to find in this specific theme.

These ‘houses’ are thin, so not ‘complete’ houses, but still it would be lovely to make a ‘modern’ looking Halloween miniature village. Maybe you could find suitable Halloween miniatures to ‘go’ with these?


Shop number 4. MyTinyPurpleGarden


halloween miniature village
Halloween fairy garden house

UPDATE on 1/10/2021: This store is no longer in business, sorry!

Lots of things haha. But mostly fairy garden items like:

  • fairies
  • fairy houses and doors
  • fantasy creatures
  • furniture
  • animals
  • etc..

Some more info:

  • the item in the picture is a ‘haunted house’ with pumpkins and ghost, so it is perfect for our Halloween themed village.
  • materials used: resin, thus suitable for a fairy garden
  • the house is approx 7 3/8″ high, 5″ wide, and 4.25″ deep.
  • also, has a Facebook page
  • other items displayed in the picture are not included

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: $19,99

Overall Rank: on 10944 sales

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

  • returns accepted
  • gorgeous craftmanship
  • suitable indoors and outdoors
  • pretty good price for the quality product
  • fast shipping
  • 5 stars on more than 10000 sales, which means that this shop is very trustworthy!

The bad:

  • I noticed only 1 minor review on the ‘miniature fairy glass’ item (so not on the Haunted home), that is all!

My Final Opinion :

I think this is a lovely little ‘haunted’ house and I would buy it from this seller with +10000 positive sales!


Final Conclusion.

I was looking for some Halloween-themed little houses to form a ‘Halloween miniature village’, but apart from numbers 2 and 4 in this list, there was not much more to find in this specific theme. Go and fill this gap in the market! 🙂

Sure, you could use other miniature houses (like in the Christmas theme) and transform those in the Halloween theme, but that’s not the intent when you buy something that should be already finished, right?

But I did my best and found a few for you, especially the number 2, love it! And other Halloween miniatures besides houses there’s plenty of on Etsy, have a look at my previous article 😉

Do you have any questions about this article or do you want to tell me something else? Be free to comment below.

Happy crafting!

Kind regards,



6 thoughts on “Get Your Own Halloween Miniature Village – From Etsy!”

  1. Oh, nice to see that I can get something like this on Etsy for my little one. The idea of a miniature village seems like a very good idea and I really love that you can put up something like this for us. It’s really good stuff and I will definitely get this for the Halloween season.

  2. I really love miniature houses. I’ve always wanted one when I was a child, my preference was a Barbie house, but growing up in a communist country where you couldn’t buy anything from the Western world, I couldn’t have one. I’ve also always loved miniature trains and railways. Now when I’m not a child anymore but a middle-aged woman, I think I could at least treat myself with a Halloween house for my small garden (it’s rather a patio). The village display design looks beautiful and it will fit perfectly there. I’m glad I found your article with this gem. 

    • Hi Lenka!

      I can’t imagine not being to buy anything from the Western world, it is good though that you can now ! And sure: at any age you can enjoy miniatures, I am 48 so 😉

      best regards,


      • Sure, we are never too old to play and have fun! Thanks for your reply, Lizzy. I’m looking forward for your next ideas about miniature things!

  3. This is really a great deal, Thank you for this review. I must say it’s  an interesting and loaded information you have got here. 

    it seem to possess everything needed by the mass. Sharing this kind of informative idea is really good  and will be beneficial to all, I think. I like the review, so concise


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