The Best Miniature Pottery Wheels – 5 Reviews

In 2 previous blog posts, I wrote about (miniature) pottery and the artists that make them on Etsy. Today I am going to give you 5 reviews on these miniature pottery wheels.

Let’s dive right into things, but first: 

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Updated 29/01/24

Why would you buy and use a miniature pottery wheel?

Miniature pottery wheels have emerged as indispensable tools for crafting detailed and authentic creations.

These tiny, meticulously designed replicas of full-sized pottery wheels provide pottery artists with the ability to sculpt the cutest little pottery pieces on a micro-scale.

With their precise control and space-saving convenience, miniature pottery wheels have become a cherished asset in the pursuit of crafting remarkable and lifelike mini pottery masterpieces.

Some advantages of using mini pottery wheels are:

  1. Precision and Control: Miniature pottery wheels offer unparalleled precision and control, allowing artists to sculpt delicate details with ease.
  2. Space-Saving: Miniature pottery wheels take up minimal space, making them ideal for hobbyists and artists with limited studios or work areas.
  3. Realistic Miniature Creations: The small size of the pottery wheel ensures that the proportions of the mini pottery align realistically with the rest of the miniature scene ànd the real-life world!
  4. Affordable and Accessible: Miniature pottery wheels are generally more affordable than their full-sized counterparts, making them accessible to a wider range of enthusiasts and hobbyists.
  5. Ideal for Beginners: Miniature pottery wheels are user-friendly and perfect for beginners who are new to pottery.

Find out how to use a miniature pottery wheel here!

Let’s now finally head over to the reviews!

Mini Pottery wheel number 1.

Product NameElectric Pottery Wheel DIY MAOPINER

Place(s) To Buy:
On Amazon.


Overall Rank:

Warranty: 90-day buyer protection, money-back guarantee

Product Overview

  • Mini Pottery Wheel for Kids and Beginners
  • 2000RPM Electric Pottery with 2 Turntables
  • Ceramic Shaping Tool DIY Clay Pottery Wheel Kits

The Good And The Bad :

The Good.

  • powerful motor
  • wireless and rechargeable
  • doesn’t rust

The Bad.

  • it can take a long time to arrive
  • stops spinning with just light pressure

Support :

Contact the seller for support, if no reaction, contact Amazon.

My Final Opinion :

This seems like a pretty nice device to start out with if you have never used a pottery wheel!

Mini Pottery wheel number 2

Product Name:  Mini Electric Pottery Wheel by Minatee

Place(s) To Buy: On Amazon.

Price: check the link below

Overall Rank: 5 star reviews

Warranty: free return, return for any reason within 15 days

Product Overview

  • Includes Machine 2000RPM with 3 Turntable Trays, of about 1.77 inches/ 4.5 cm, 2.56 inches/ 6.5 cm and 3.94 inches/ 10 cm in diameter
  • 21 pieces of clay sculpting tools
  • 1 piece of carry bag measuring about 9.45 x 7.09 inches/ 24 x 18 cm and 2.2 pounds of pottery clay
  • speed is 0-2000RPM adjustable

The Good And The Bad :

The Good.

  • low noise
  • doesn’t rust and has easy operation
  • compact and light
  • acceptable price for its quality
  • Portable and Strong Motor
  • made of quality metal, sturdy and waterproof
  • large set of tools

The Bad.

  • very short power cord
  • not much pressure can be used on items

Support :

Contact the seller.

My Final Opinion :

Has 10 positive reviews so far, so it looks like a very good pottery wheel for the asking price.

Check out the current price and more details here

Minni pottery wheel number 3

Product Name: AnyWayFun Mini Pottery Wheel

Place(s) To Buy: On Amazon

Owners: AnyWayFun

Overall Rank: stars

Warranty: free return, return for any reason within 15 days

Product Overview

  • Very Small Pottery Forming Machine with Tray
  • Rated voltage: DC-12V
  • Speed: 0-2000RPM
  • 1 x DC power adapter
  • Anti-Slip Mat
  • The sculpting wheel is made of metal and aluminum alloy,

The Good And The Bad :

The Good.

  • cute design
  • children could also use it
  • adjustable speed
  • low noise
  • not easy to rust
  • very affordable

The Bad.

  • seems a bit light and delicate
  • you can hardly put pressure on it


Contact the store.

My Final Opinion :

This mini pottery wheel seems to have very delicate quality, so don’t expect to much power or sturdiness.

Check out more details and prices here.

Mini Pottery wheel number 4

Product Name: Mzokuu 12V Aluminum Alloy Fingertip Mini Pottery Wheel

Place(s) To Buy:

Or Amazon

Owners: no brand 

Overall Rank:

Warranty: 90-day buyer protection on AliExpress, contact the seller on Amazon

Product Overview

  • 12V Aluminum alloy Fingertip
  • Input: AC110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Turntable speed: 2000 Rpmin
  • Turntable diameter: 4.5cm
  • Control method: Knob step-less speed change

The Good And The Bad :

The Good.

  • better stability
  • can be carried around, compact
  • safe and silent, anti-high temperature
  • easy to clean

The Bad.

  • a bit higher price, but it seems worth it!
  • not many customer reviews yet

Support :

Contact the seller if you have issues.

My Final Opinion :

Seems like the best one so far, in my opinion, seeing the price compared to the quality!

Check out the price and more details here

Mini Pottery wheel number 5

Product Name: VEVOR Mini Pottery Wheel 30W Ceramic Wheel

Place(s) To Buy: On Amazon.

Owners: Vevor

Overall Rank: stars


Not clear/check with the seller

Product Overview

  • Motor power of 30W
  • The highest speed is at 2000 RPM
  • Measurements:  15 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm / 5.9″ x 5.5″ x 3″
  • Weight: lightweight of only 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Fully-Equipped Sculpting Tools of 16 pieces

The Good And The Bad :

The Good.

  • Nice little pottery wheel with good quality for its price
  • Very easy to use
  • It has 3 different sizes of turntables
  • includes a lot of accessories
  • perfect for small pottery
  • the wheel is sturdy

The Bad.

  • can get quite messy
  • lacks some power

My Final Opinion :

Although it seems to lack some power, I would think this is a great beginner’s pottery wheel.

Something extra: make your own electric pottery wheel!build your own pottery wheel

I wanted to add something extra when making this blog post and that is this Etsy link.

It shows how to make a pottery wheel DIY style yourself!

YES, you can! 

It is a digital downloadable PDF- file that describes how to build your own pottery wheel, step by step. It is full of instructions, diagrams, photographs, and tips.
Like, as what parts to order and how to assemble them using only household tools.

A few more FAQs on mini electric pottery wheels.

While we are at it, I might as well answer a few more FAQs 😉

What kind of clay is used for a mini pottery wheel?

Well, the choice for a mini pottery wheel is easy: just use pottery clay haha!

This type of clay is so easy to work with, and gives it the shape of a pottery pot, and is very versatile, and throws easily on the wheel!

How to throw clay on a mini pottery wheel?

I think this is explained best by means of a video where you can see the whole process of throwing clay on a pottery wheel!


Can you use air-dry clay on a mini pottery wheel?

Yes, it can be used on a small pottery wheel, just beware that it will not feel the same as regular ceramic clay.

If any type of clay doesn't stick to the wheel, this could mean that you should add more water, because it probably is too dry and hard.

Adding to much water though to your wheel will make your pottery collapse.


I hope that you have found the right electric pottery wheel that you are looking for and I would love to see the result(s) on my Facebook group about miniatures.

Do you have any questions or do you have a suggestion for an article for me to write about? Then please leave a comment in the comment section below. And please don’t be shy to share this article with your friends! 🙂

I wish you happy crafting!

Best regards,


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  1. Hello; thanks for these five reviews on Mini Electric Pottery Wheel. It is understandable about the strength and durability of the first three pottery wheels, especially the first one taking into account that they are made for children to toy with.

     If I were to buy one of these for a kid knowing how they are experimental I would no doubt buy number four. Otherwise, number five is the ideal buy for me.


  2. Thank you for this very insightful information. My wife and kids love to do all kinds of crafting together. And this looks like a great place to find things I can buy for them to do together. What are some of the best things they offer in your opinion? What do you recommend for a family project?

    Your Friend, Johnny

    • Hi Johnny

      If you are looking for a miniature pottery wheel like this blog post is telling you about, and you would like to include your kids in the crafting pottery craft, then I would for example advise number 3 to start out with. If your family likes it, then you could eventually buy a more expensive one, or make one yourself as in the Ebook from Etsy that I mentioned!

      happy crafting

      Best regards,


  3. I own a mini, I make my own mini tools to facilitate use better. however, we also own a full sized pottery wheel in the studio and my husband will “throw” tiny pots atop a much bigger wad of clay, then cuts it free. 😉


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