11 Best Dollhouses Under 100 $: Unlocking Magical Worlds on a Budget!

Are you on the hunt for some charming dollhouses that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll dive into the enchanting world of dollhouses under 100 $.

Yes, you heard that right – affordable dollhouses that let you unlock magical worlds on a budget.

Whether you’re a parent looking for an affordable playtime haven or a collector seeking for a makeover piece, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s embark on this delightful journey and explore the wonders of dollhouses that won’t dent your wallet.

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But first, Why Choose a Dollhouse Under $100?

Well, the reasons why someone might choose an affordable dollhouse can be a bit obvious 😉

  • They are budget-friendly, which means that they are a cost-effective choice for households who want to provide wonderful playtime to their kids without overspending.

  • It can be a starter dollhouse, meaning that you can buy this to see if your child loses interest in it very quickly or not. If you buy your kid a 700$ dollhouse and then she stops playing with it after 2 weeks, well, damn, hahaha .. 🙂

  • An affordable gift: as a grandparent or auntie a dollhouse under $100 can be the more budget-friendly option to get your grandchild or niece a nice gift still.

  • DIY renovating/customization: affordable dollhouses can provide a fantastic way to get creative and turn it into all kinds of theme-related houses, there are so many fantastic options out there and people create wonderful makeovers!

Sure Lizzy, but how about the Quality of Dollhouses Under 100 $?

For some of the dollhouses that I will mention in the list below, I have written former articles on the brands for you to check out, and those will also mention the quality.

But of course, you wonder about the quality of these dollhouses and why they are so affordable, so keep in mind the following things:

1. Materials used and construction.

Be aware that dollhouses under 100 dollars often use materials such as wood composites, MDF, or plastic. And so might be a tad less sturdy than more expensive dollhouses and less durable.

2. Unclear manuals or hard assembly.

Companies tend to ‘save’ money on providing hard-to-read manuals (like still in Chinese for Cutebee kits), or have an impossible assembly process, such as assembly points not fitting, which can get frustrating!

3. Fewer details/ worse design.

Affordable dollhouses may be simpler in design and have fewer lovely details, which makes a dollhouse look more dull and less lifelike.

Some of them don’t include dollhouse furniture either.

4. Longevity

Keep in mind that a dollhouse under $100 might not last you a lifetime or be handed over from generation to generation!

So, in short, some pros and cons:

The Good.

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Suitable as a starter dollhouse
  • Can be a creative DIY project
  • Makes an affordable gift option

The Bad.

  • May not have the same level of durability and longevity as higher-end models
  • Less intricate details and designs
  • Assembly may be harder and a manual more unclear
  • Furniture and accessories may not be included and be of less quality

Anyway, let’s go to it will you Lizzy! 😉

A top 11 list of dollhouses under 100 $

Here we go!

1. Chelsea Doll Cottage by KidKraft

KidKraft stands for traditional and beautifully designed dollhouses for a nice price versus quality offer, developed by a family company.

The Chelsea doll cottage is made from recyclable materials, and has 3 levels, 5 rooms, and a balcony.

It includes 17 pieces of dollhouse furniture and 16 accessories, while the windows can open and close.

Dolls/figurines and collectibles up to 5″ can fit in this dollhouse and is available on Amazon.

Check out my full review and insights on Kidkraft dollhouses here.

2. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse

What is so special about this dollhouse is that it is foldable and thus easier to transport for going on holiday, for example.

It has working doors and it includes 11 pieces of wooden dollhouse furniture and 2 dolls.

Melissa and Doug have reached the Gold Standard in early childhood play.

Check out a complete walkthrough on the dollhouses by Melissa and Doug here.

3. A “Flever” dollhouse kit called Fairy Homeland.

This dollhouse kit, just under 100$, is not assembled yet, which means it is an actual dollhouse kit that you need to assemble, which can require more time than usual to assemble a dollhouse.

This dollhouse from Flever isn’t an actual brand, but a reseller, and clicking on the button below explains a little bit about why I think this.

Anyway, this dollhouse when finished is on a scale of 1:24, so it is not exactly a Barbie scale, beware of that.

The finished product size is 18.5*14.96*12.6 inches, and it has 3 levels and includes all the dollhouse furniture and lights.

Check out all the details on this Flever Dollhouse Kit

4. A vintage dollhouse by Little Tikes

Looking for a dollhouse project under 100$ on which you can do a great makeover? This Little Tikes dollhouse is perfect for that and I have shown you how before, just click on the link below!

Look here for more insights on Little Tikes dollhouses and how to do a makeover.

5. Barbie Doll House, 3-Story Townhouse 

Just under 100$ is this brand that we can’t skip, of course, called Barbie, and I think we all know what these doll houses stand for 😉

I haven’t written about Barbies dollhouses before, as tons of info is already out there on Barbies dollhouses and dolls, but I do consider writing about Barbies dollhouse makeovers or how to make your own Barbies doll clothes or accessories, for example.

I might just do so in the near future 🙂

This 3-level townhouse has 4 rooms, a sunroof, tons of dollhouse furniture and accessories, and even an elevator. Barbie dolls are not included.

6. A Vintage Lundby dollhouse

Here’s another renovation project for you or one that you can have a makeover on, this rare find under 100$ Lundby dollhouse.

While most of these vintage Lundby dollhouses tend to get a lot more expensive, you can sometimes find a good deal like the one below.

And if you like the design of this vintage Swedish brand, then go for it!

For more insights on Lundby dollhouses, click here!

7. Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home

What can I say? If there ever were cuter dollhouses than the ones from Calico Critters, I would eat my hat. (after I purchased a hat that is haha).

Dollhouses by Calico Critters are not only affordable but also sturdy and have the cutest little dollhouse rabbits.

This Red Roof Country home is under 100$, is foldable to an angle of 90 degrees and 180 degrees, can be built up to 3 levels, and can be expanded.

It contains a Hopscotch Rabbit Girl and Hopscotch Rabbit Mother and is filled with furniture. The lights in the doll house light up.

8. Fisher-Price Little People Toddler Playhouse

Let’s not forget our little ones shall we?

This playhouse dollhouse is suitable for kids from 1+ years old and it has a music player to activate more than 50 sounds, songs & phrases!

You can fold it together and the front door can open and close, and you can put all the furniture inside to transport it easily with you to another location!

9. Hape Happy Villa Kids Wooden Doll House

Another dollhouse under 100$ is this one from Hape. It is called Happy Villa and has 2 stories, furniture, and accessories for Kids aged 3 years and up.

It is very brightly colored and has an outdoor patio to relax, but dolls are not included.

10. Toysters Wooden Dollhouse 

The dollhouse Playset from Toysters is made from pine wood, contains 6 stores, is suitable for toddler girls and boys, and has dollhouse furniture.

The rooms are open and just have back walls and those are wallpapered.

This dollhouse is also under 100$ and is safe for kids and quite sturdy.

11. Giant Bean Wooden Dollhouse

And last but not least, this lovely wooden dollhouse by a company called Giant Bean.

It is 2.6 feet high and has a working elevator, a doorbell, a light, and 15 pieces of dollhouse furniture plus 3 Dolls

This dollhouse is for kids aged 3-7+ and its style is quite modern.

Remember to always check on the safety of a dollhouse for children!

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My Final Conclusion

I hope that you have found your suited dollhouses under 100 dollar and that you liked my selection of different brands, instead of just sticking with one brand.

If you have any more questions about this topic, please feel free to ask them down below in the comment section.

You can also join me on (one of) my social media channels or my cozy Facebook group.

I wish you or your kid lots of crafting and/or dollhouse playtime!

Kind regards,


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  2. This is a great article for a comparison of options for dollhouses that will not break the bank.  As a mother with a daughter, I know over the past few years, I have hunted for dollhouses that are affordable but where you also still get some quality for the price you pay.  

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