How To Make Dollhouse Curtains Stay In Place?

Let’s talk today about a tiny but nagging issue you might have encountered: how do you make those adorable dollhouse curtains stay exactly where you want them?

Nobody wants their dollhouse to look like a breeze just blew through and caused a curtain catastrophe, so let’s take care of this issue straight away.

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Creative Fixing Methods to keep dollhouse Curtains in place.

When you’re aiming to get those dollhouse curtains to hang just right, it can indeed be a crafty challenge.

So, I’m going to walk you through some ingenious ways to keep them in position.

1. Put tiny hidden weights in the curtains.

Tiny hidden weights are a nifty trick. Consider using items like the smallest washers, fishing weights, or even BBs as effective counterweights.

You can easily sew these into the bottom hem of your curtains, where they won’t be seen but will do a great job of adding a bit of heft.

A contra-indication for this method is that this is probably not usable with net curtains and voile curtains, because you will probably see the weights.

2. Stitching something in the curtains for stability.

Speaking of sewing, how about stitching something straight and stiff in your dollhouse curtains?

You can incorporate slim things like electric wires along the edges. It’s about choosing items that match the scale of your dollhouse so that they are discreet yet functional and then the fabrics of the curtain is “forced” along those lines down.

Do you understand what I mean?

3. Get out the glue!

Don’t overlook the power of invisible adhesion. Clear adhesives like fabric glue or clear tacky glue, can be strategically placed to keep curtains still without being noticeable.

(I would NOT use a glue gun for this though, as it will thread all over and even burn your curtain!)

Test a small, inconspicuous piece of fabric (or a leftover piece) to see how the glue reacts. Check for any discoloration, stiffness, or seepage.

Use a toothpick or a small brush to apply a thin line or dots of glue along the edge of the curtain.

Press the glued edge onto the dollhouse wall or window frame. Hold it in place for as long as it takes until it adheres.

4. Use decorations that have a double purpose.

What about dual-purpose dollhouse decor? I like the idea of using miniature decorative elements, such as small gems or beads, or even the smallest tassels, as part of the curtain design which also helps weigh them down.

The heavy weight of the fabric itself really helps a lot as well!

5. Follow the spray starch method by Jessica Cloë

Jessica Cloë has a fantastic miniatures blog, did you know her?

In her blog post about creating dollhouse curtains, she explains how she pins the fabric for the curtains to a foam board and then creates curtain folds.

She then applies a heavy-hold spray starch! Isn’t that a surprising way to hold your dollhouse curtains in place? I would definitely check out her detailed tutorial!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that I could provide you with some ideas on how to make your dollhouse curtains stay in place, so that you don’t need to struggle with it any longer 🙂

If you have more ideas, please feel free to share them down below in the comment section or join me on my socials below, especially check out my YouTube channel if you will, thanks!

I wish you happy crafting!

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