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DIY 3D Printing Miniatures – An Oversight

DIY 3D printing

3D printing has changed the world in many ways (as I explained in my previous blog post), whether it is making body parts for humans or designing the most complicated parts of a vehicle or a plane. But one particular way in which 3D printing has impacted our world is that it has changed the …

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DIY Dollhouse Kits From Cutebee – Some Insights.

Cutebee dollhouse kit

In previous articles, I have talked a lot already about dollhouse kits, from Rolife to Hongda and Hoomeda. Today, however, I am going to dive a little deeper into the DIY kits from Cutebee. Let’s just go straight on and see what I can find as I am writing this article and see if I …

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From Trash To Treasure Projects – Make Miniatures From Scratch – Part 2

make treasures from miniatures

My previous blog post, where I talked about turning trash to treasure projects before, got a bit too long and cluttered, so here is where I start part 2. Let’s dive straight into things, shall we? Make a washing machine from used and empty eyeshadow jars. Make a lamp from cheap salt and pepper shakers, …

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Dollhouse Electrical Wiring – The 5 Best Shops On Etsy.

dollhouse electrical wiring

In a previous article, I have talked about how to fix the electricity in your dollhouse or room box. Today we are looking for the best dollhouse electrical wiring items on Etsy, so let’s dive right into things. I hope you are ready to go and look at the 5 best shops that I found? …

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Laser Cut Dollhouse Kits On Etsy – A Review

laser cut dollhouse kits

In the world of laser cut dollhouse kits, the one that I purchased on Etsy is surely worth buying, in my opinion. I made a fairy house that I will put in my fairy garden later when spring comes along! So I wanted to write a complete review for you and made a video of …

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The Most Famous/Expensive/Vintage Dollhouses In The World – Top 13

vintage dollhouses

I have made some blog posts before about Cabinet dollhouses, Victorian dollhouses or Tudorstyle dollhouses, and so on, but today I am going to write about the most extraordinary/expensive or peculiar vintage dollhouses in the world, all on one page. You might have seen a few of them already on my site, but obviously, for …

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Get Your Book Nook Shelf Insert Kit On Etsy – DIY Style

book nook shelf insert

By now you have probably heard about a book nook shelf insert, aka ‘book nooks’? If not, you can always go ahead and check out my blog posts about them: here and here. Today I am going to review about 5 book nook kits from Etsy shops for you. So that you can make one …

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Miniature Dollhouse Accessories – Dolls, Mice Or Other Figurines?

miniature dollhouse accessories

So your dollhouse is ‘finished’ (is it ever?) and now is the time to get your miniature dollhouse accessories in order. Meaning: are you choosing to buy or make ‘real’ (human-like) dolls or would you prefer animals? I am going to try and answer those questions for you and describe the reasons why people prefer …

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Printable Mini Books – 5 Etsy Shops

printable mini books

As I described in this previous article of mine, there are some wonderful miniature books for sale out there on the internet, but why not use printable mini books and make them yourself, with a little bit of help from Etsy crafters? It will only cost you a few bucks! Let’s dive right into things: …

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