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Mod Podge – There Are Many Variations Of It For All Kinds Of Crafting

mod podge

I have talked about Mod Podge shortly in a previous article, but let’s dive deeper into this versatile crafting product, that I use a lot, in my newest article. What is Mod Podge again?   Mod Podge is a liquid hobby glue/varnish from the brand ‘Plaid’ with multiple applications. It has special characteristics, basically 3 …

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Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue And Other Glues – 3 Reviews

original tacky glue

In a previous article, we have talked about suitable glues and sealers for inside or outside miniature fairy gardens. There were a few types of glue that I forgot to mention in that article and that I use a lot for crafting ( especially Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue), so let’s dive into 3 other ones. ( Other …

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The Best Magnifying Lamps For Miniature Work: Some Insights

best magnifying glass

In this article, I will talk about the best magnifying lamps that you could use a lot for miniatures and dollhouses and all the different ones. I use mine a lot because getting older means sometimes that your eyes can use the support 😉 Especially for miniatures at a very small scale (look here for …

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Wool Felting Instructions – Another Small Tutorial.

Wool Felting Instructions

Other than working with wood, I definitely like to felt with wool as well to make miniatures. Especially making miniature-pets in wool is a very nice way to make them. So let’s dive into these small wool felting instructions. Lots of miniaturists are specialized in this, some of them even make replicas of your pet, …

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