Window Glass Color – A Very Handy Material For Miniatures

Today we are going to talk about a nice material for crafting and also miniatures, of course, that is available in all toy stores: Window glass Color (Window Color).

Normally this is a type of paint that is put on a piece of foil. After drying, the paint can be removed in one piece (like a sticker) and used as a window decoration. It is also used for any other glass-like vases, porcelain, or even bathroom tiles and mirrors.

It is actually very easy to use, that is why it is sold also for children to use.

By the way, when my website develops further, I will make some tutorials for children’s miniatures, please remind me in time if I should forget about this! 😉


The benefits of window glass color.

The advantage of Window Color is that there are many brands that sell it, so in a short time you can get a very large color palette for a relatively low price, especially if you can work on miniatures with a few friends or if you organize workshops.

(I know that in some countries miniaturists organize these workshops and meetings, do you have those in your country ?). After all, only small quantities are required for our miniature hobby.

At first, the colors look a bit ‘milky’ when you apply them. As the paint dries, it gradually becomes more transparent.

It is recommended to make a color card on a piece of plastic so that the end result of each color can be clearly seen beforehand. (I would advise you to do that whenever you want to paint something first)

Window glass color is fantastic for filling small openings with a nice color. For example, think about ornaments for lampshades. Because the paint is water-based, it can be applied very precisely with a small brush.

The colors shouldn’t fade in the sunlight, sounds good no? That’s because it is 😉


A Little Tutorial About Window Glass Color On Miniatures.

Now, how does it work in reality? Let me give you a little walk-through.

window glass color

Start by cleaning the part that needs to be worked on by rinsing it off with some soapy and warm water, so it gets removed from all dirt and grease.

Dry it with a soft cloth. To hold the ornament properly, a cocktail stick is inserted through the middle hole, from the outside to the inside.

Start by applying the first color. Put some paint on the brush and brush it on the inside of the ornament along the inside edges of the first hole. After spinning it around and around a few times, the elasticity of the paint will make sure that the hole is filled up entirely.

Finish all holes with this first color and let it dry. Starting a second color too quickly can cause the colors to mix over the edges.

Sometimes this can be beautiful though, especially with Art Deco decorations. It’s just a matter of trying out and seeing how it turns out. You don’t think that the end result is satisfactory?

With a toothbrush and some lukewarm water (or it can be removed with a dry blower, at least that’s what I read, I have never tried that), the dried paint can be removed again and we can start all over.

Paint that has become too thick can be diluted with water, but do not make it too thin, because then the contracting effect in the holes will take longer.
The colors, of course, can also be mixed together before application.

Tip: if the tip is clogged, remove the tip from the bottle and push the dried paint out of the tip. Always do this from the inside out and preferably with a cocktail stick. If you poke from the outside to the inside you can damage the tip of the bottle.

Have a look as well at this Youtube video:

Window color is NOT suitable for children under 3 years old, because it can contain small pieces that can be swallowed!

Interested in this crafting material? Then you can get it on Amazon here.

Final Conclusion

Having window glass colors available in your house can be really handy to give miniatures a new look or to repair damaged ones.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in a comment below or join me on my newest Facebook group or Youtube channel!

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  1. Wow I had no idea there was such a thing as glass colored paint. My wife loves doing arts and crafts, so I will have to tell her about this.

    Do you know if they sell this in a store called Michale’s. Also what are some common objects you put this on? I really liked the painting you showed within this article.

    Thanks again for this awesome information. 

    • Thanks for the compliments and I hope your wife will be happy with this information 😉 I honestly have no idea though if they sell it at Michale’s ?

      Happy crafting !

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