Small Ceramic Tiles On Etsy – 5 Reviews

As I was writing my previous article about miniature floors, I realized that buying miniature ceramic tiles on Etsy, is the best place to be. I just didn’t find any pretty ones on Amazon or elsewhere.

So today, I am going to show you all the beautiful and small pieces of artwork on Etsy that I like! As I did with other objects on Etsy like miniature books and book-nooks (say what?).

Product Number 1- Italian tiles.

Product Name: Dollhouse miniature reproductions of Italian ceramic tiles

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price : 1 tile is 2,50$ or 1,50$

Owners: Lilliputstreasures

Overall Rank: ceramic tiles on Etsy (over 1230 reviews so far and is on Etsy since 2012)

Product Overview :

– Scale 1:12 miniature reproduction of small Italian ceramic tiles

– made with paper and cardboard

– TILE A = measures are 2,2 cm x 2,2 cm, more or less

– TILE B = measures are 1,1, cm x 1,1, cm more or less

The Good And The Bad :

I can’t hide that these are my absolute favorite, but let’s go through the buts and maybes?

The good:

– made with high-quality printing on high-quality paper glued on a particular type of cardboard, thin enough to reproduce the thickness of a tile, but resistant.

If they are thin enough, that means that in the miniature-world, they will NOT interfere with the dimensions of your dollhouse, once you made a floor with them. Because we all know that every mm counts in this tiny-world πŸ™‚

– each tile is aged on the edges

– very detailed and professional

The bad:

If I really need to pick out 1 negative comment, I would say that someone said that the paint was a little bit chipped. And one other said, hang on: ‘too delicate’. I mean, sure they are miniatures, of course, they are delicate, not toys! πŸ˜‰

Support :

You can contact them on Etsy

My Final Opinion :

I must have missed this shop (link to general shop) when I was looking for miniature books on Etsy, because these are very special as well I must say.

Everything in this shop looks beautiful, but especially the ceramic tiles caught my eye, if only I could get those in real life for a colorful kitchen!

Product Number 2 – real marble tiles.

Product Name: REAL MARBLE TILES |No2| for 1/6 and 1/12 Dollhouse Flooring

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: 12,00$ for 50 pieces

Owners: VelkinVille

Overall Rank: ceramic tiles on Etsy ( 120 sales and 43 shop reviews)

Product Overview :

– 1 set of 50 tiles is approximately 100 sq cm (10x10cm) /16 sq inches (4×4 inch).

– The size of 1 tile is 15x 15 mm / 0.6×0.6 inch, 4 mm / 0,16 inch thick

– tiles are cut from natural stone

– suited for Dollhouse Flooring, Exterior Wall Decoration, Building Pathways and Patois

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– both 1:6 and 1:12 scale miniatures.

– I think it’s lovely that they are made from real stone, that would mean that they ‘can take a beating’

– can be stuck on the floor with simple glue.

– beautiful quality work

can make custom work for you

The bad:

– Some people are complaining that shipping takes to long

Support :

You can reach her on Etsy

My Final Opinion :

Working with real materials to make real tiles, blows my mind. Not that the ‘fake’ ceramic tiles from seller number 1 aren’t gorgeous, but there is something to be said about using the same materials as you would for real-size items. It just seems even more ‘real’ for me. But each to his own πŸ˜‰

If I would ever make a pathway, I would surely consider this shop (other miniature stuff in their shop sure look great as well ! ).


Product Number 3 – tiny painted tiles.

Product Name: Tiny Ceramic Painted Tiles

ceramic tiles

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: depends on the prints, see screenshot (can be different at the moment you look at this)

Owners: Elgusanoalegre

Overall Rank: ceramic tiles on Etsy ( 543 sales and 183 shop reviews)

Product Overview :

– Made of porcelain and covered with real enamel of high quality.

– six different sets and white tile bags

– The tile measurements are 10.6mm x 10.6mm(5/12 inch) and with a thickness of 1.5mm(1/16 inch), the half tiles measure 5.1mm x 10.6mm and a thickness of 1.5mm.

1. White tile 12 pieces

2. White tile 16 pieces

3. Set of 2 tiles with red flower + 1 white tile.

4. Set of 2 tiles with blue flower +2 white

5. Set of 5 tiles with orange spikes + 1 white tile.

6. Set of 4 tiles imitating vintage marble.

7. Set of 4 tiles with blue tips + 4 half blue tiles.

8. Set of 4 blue tiles on white + 4 white tile.

9. Set of 3 tiles with violet flower.

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– Returns and exchanges accepted, exceptions may apply.

– I love that these are made from real porcelain and covered with real enamel ( that is quite hard to do !)

– fine workmanship

The bad:

– one 1 item in this shop there seems to be a misunderstanding about what is promised to ship and what the customer got?

Support :

You can contact her on Etsy

My Final Opinion :

I don’t think these ceramic tiles are suited for a dollhouse floor, but that doesn’t mean that these would look wonderful on a kitchen backsplash, don’t you think? Good job I would think, with nice and delicate painted little flowers of all kinds!

Product Number 4- necklace with Portuguese tiles.

Product Name: choker necklace, with replicas of Portuguese tile miniatures

necklace on Etsy

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: 73,00$ (for the necklace, I don’t know how the shop would charge per tile. Let me explain what I mean further)

Owners: Lusotiles

Overall Rank:  ( 561 sales and 114 reviews)

Product Overview :

Let me explain why I included this one in my review, as it is a necklace.

Etsy is known for custom-made objects. This item is not about tiles per se, but the necklace is mΓ de from small tiles. So, I was wondering if you could ask the seller to just make the pretty little tiles and not attach them to a chain? I think she just might do that! Making a floor with these beauties would look wonderful or what about a backsplash in a miniature kitchen? I would give it a go and ask!

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– beautiful, handmade ceramic and Portuguese tiles

– high quality

The bad:

– I only see 1 negative response, and that was a misunderstanding I believe. Be aware that the tiles are not hand-painted, but made with the image transfer technique; which is NOT any image pasted, but transferred and baked.

– seems to easily brake

Support :

You can contact her on Etsy

My Final Opinion :

As I said before, it could be worthwhile to ask her to just make the tiles for your dollhouses, and not make jewelry from them. Let me know if you did and if you are happy with the results!


Product Number 5 – Mr. Beetle.

Product Name: Mr. Beetle ~ 2 x 2 Ceramic Tile ~ Beetle Art For Nursery

ceramic tile beetle

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price : 16,00$

Owners: EnchanteLLC

Overall Rank: ( 606 sales and 182 reviews)

Product Overview :

Honestly, I couldn’t find any other ceramic tiles that would be suitable for a dollhouse floor or as a backsplash, but I had to mention this funny tile.

This is just 1 tile, so it’s more meant as a decoration piece in for example a nursery, but still quite cute, no?

– Materials: Stoneware, glaze, tile, Ceramics, clay

– The tile is notched on the back to hang on a nail for wall mount or can be displayed perched on a small tabletop easel.

– Measurements ~ approximately 2″ x 2″

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– what a funny little tile, to brighten up a nursery or nature lover’s room!

– rare collector’s item

The bad:

– no real bad reviews to be seen with this seller. As always there is one person complaining about how small and fragile the item is, while the dimensions are clearly mentioned beforehand. So I do think again that this is just a big misunderstanding and she even wants to pay for a refund, so..

Support :

You can contact her on Etsy

My Final Opinion :

Just a little extra review about a ’tile’ that I didn’t want to keep from you guys πŸ˜‰ I think this would look wonderful if I ever will make a room box for my little niece, a children s’ bedroom, that I plan to make as my personal work when she gets older. ( idea pinned in my head! )


Final Conclusion.

It is hard to find small ceramic tiles on Etsy, as it is hard to find anywhere on other sites like Amazon or Banggood. But I do hope you are content with the ones I did find!

Did you find any other ceramic tiles, then please let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook page or my latest Facebook group.

Happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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