Miniatures And Dolls Houses Sale – They Are Everywhere ATM!

Now that Black Friday is approaching, you might be on the lookout for a nice dolls houses sale?

Or of course, anything else that comes with it: miniatures that have been on your list for some time now or crafting materials that you always wanted to purchase, but were way too expensive before 🙁

Today, I am going to dive into a few ways on where to find these doll houses on sale, there are several possibilities!

PS: the sales at the time of this writing, càn be over by the time that you read this, please keep that in mind!

( I will try to regurly update this blog post for new and current sales)

Second-hand dollhouses for sale.

In this section, I will talk a bit about the most obvious websites to go to for second-hand dollhouses, like:

  • Facebook Marketplace: perform a Google search for your country, typing in: Facebook Marketplace (your country).

    And your local sales will show up if you have a Facebook account.

    Myself, I also have a Facebook group, where you can put your own dollhouses and miniatures for sale or buy them from people who are selling them.

Beware: I do manage this group, but I can NOT check out every seller to see if the person is a scammer or not, it would be impossible for me to do!

If you are SURE that a particular person or profile is a scammer, you can always report him or her to my group and I will try to find out what’s going on.

Note: I am not responsible in any way for fraud from anyone selling a dollhouse or miniature via my FB group, to be clear!

  • eBay: I think most people know what eBay is all about, so I don’t think this needs any extra information?

    Anyway, there are plenty of dollhouses and miniatures for sale on eBay, and I wish you good luck with finding that perfect dollhouse for a good price 😉

These 2 ways are the most common places online where people are looking for dollhouse sales, and I hope you find what you need!

Next up are places where online stores have lots of sales.

Dolls Houses On Sale On Etsy

I hear you: here she goes again; Etsy, haha!

Well, I can’t help myself, sorry. Whenever I go to Etsy, I’m “gone” for hours, looking at all of these wonderful handmade dollhouses and miniatures.

It’s easy to get lost on there, so here’s a little oversight on miniature-related stores on Etsy that are doing sales (at the moment of writing this, it is half November 2022).

Beware that by the time you read this blog post, that the sales might be gone! For that I apologize!

As an Amazon/Etsy Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Dollhouse Sale Number 1: A Wooden Eco Dollhouse

This dollhouse is made in Europe, but sold in the US. It is handmade from MDF wood and it is paintable.

It features 4 rooms and 2 balconies and it includes room sets of 15 pieces of miniature furniture.

For children older than 3 years.

Not clear, but looks smaller than on the usual 1:6 scale,
more like 1:24, so not suitable for Barbie
Eco-friendly, wooden dollhouse
– It is paintable, so you could work on it together
with your child
– easy assembled
– very sturdy
– the instructions on how to put it together are
a bit atrocious
Our Ratings
25% off

Dolls house sale number 2: A wooden dollhouse DIY kit/cottage

This large wooden and handmade dollhouse now has a 40% discount (november 2022).

It is suitable for Barbie dolls and other dolls up to 33 cm high and is made from HDF plywood.

This dollhouse is a kit and includes furniture and accessories, detailed assembly instructions, and special D3 PVA glue.

Other dollhouses from this store are also on sale, check it out below!

Looks suitable for Barbie, so most likely on a scale of 1:6
– Handmade
– this dollhouse comes from a 5-star seller, which means fast
responses/smooth shipping, etc..
– sturdy and solid construction
– eco-friendly and safe materials
– easily assembled
– Takes a while to put together, which could be
a disadvantage for some people
Our Ratings
40% off and for some items even 50% off!

Dolls house sales number 3: A Wooden Miniature Kitchen Furniture Set.

This amazing 1:12 scale wooden dollhouse miniature kitchen now has a discount of 20%.

It is a complete set with one miniature kitchen sink cabinet, one stove cabinet, 1 table chair set, and even a mini refrigerator, all made from oak. (although you can buy each unit separately).

1:12 scale.
For exact measurements, click on the link below
– very affordable yet beautiful miniature kitchen
– sturdy because of the wooden oak
– the store is a 5-star seller
– amazing quality
– I haven’t noticed any negative points!
Our Ratings
20% of

Beware: the price below when clicking on the button is for every unit separately, the whole set has a total larger price (of course).

Dolls houses sale number 4: A Miniature dollhouse Christmas Present Wrapping Prep Table

This beautiful mini Christmas present wrapping preparation table is now on sale for 10% of.

Everything you see in the picture below is included (the table as well) and it is made from wood and paper.

1: 12 scale
– Amazing design and idea
– a unique little Christmas gift
– very good craftsmanship and quality
– this is a 5-star seller, which means fast shipping,
great customer service, etc
– shipping and return policies aren’t mentioned
Our Ratings
10% off

Dolls house sale number 5: Dora Kuhn Dollhouse Furniture

I just came across a picture of a miniature cupboard when I was looking for sales and then I thought to myself: this is strange, I think I recognize this from my childhood!

I have no idea what happened to it, but apparently it now is vintage, I’m getting old haha!

Aren’t these painted pieces of miniature furniture from Dora Kuhn lovely? My gosh, brings back so many memories and I feel a new blog post comming up 😉

Anyway, this vintage miniature set consisting of: a cradle, a wash table, a grandfather clock, and a stool, now has 20% of.

Especially in this black color, these are a rare find.

Dora Kuhn, sold by Home by Dani
1:12 (I assume!)
– Vintage from the 1950’s, hard to find
– the miniatures seem in perfect condition
– quick delivery
– well packaged
– there are no shipping and returning policies available
I would contact the seller for this beforehand
Our Ratings
20% off

Dollhouse sales on Amazon

Dollhouse sale number 1: A Kidcraft dollhouse.

I have written about dollhouses from Kidcraft before, you might remember?

This KidKraft Chelsea doll cottage wooden dollhouse now has a discount of 27% (at the time of writing this)

1:12 , for 5 inch dolls
– Easy instructions and quickly assembled
– once assembled, you don’t need to do any extra’s:
everything is covered with stickers/wallpaper
– doors and windows are already attached to the walls
and can open and close easily
– sturdy wooden dollhouse
– replacing broken or bad parts is made easily by Kidcraft
– the interiors and exterior walls only have stickers, no
paint, so that could peel off in time
– doesn’t come with dolls, so you need to look for the
right ones yourself
Our Ratings

Dollshouse sale number 2: Pidoko Kids Skylar Dollhouse

This is a cute little eco-friendly dollhouse, which includes 20 pieces of furniture, 5 dolls and a pet dog.

1:12. The dolls don’t look like they are Barbie size
and the house is also smaller
– strong and sturdy wood
– child friendly painted
– eco-friendly dollhouse
– Not easily assembled
– some holes seem unevenly drilled
Our Ratings

Dollshouse sale number 3: An 11 Rooms Huge Dollhouse

A very large doll house dream: The size of the house is 31*28*27 Inch and there are 11 rooms.

It contains string lights and lots of dollhouse furniture and 2 dolls. So it is complete and ready to start playing with.

the house is 31*28*27 Inch, I’m not sure
what scale that is, to be honest
– this dollhouse has a lot of accessories,check out
the link below to see how many!
– very affordable for its size
– great customer service: if any part is not to your
satisfaction, the company reaches out to you to
replace them!
– for me the disadvantage is that it is made from plastic,
I prefer wooden dollhouses
– instructions aren’t clear
Our Ratings
-20% of

My Final Conclusion

I could have gone on and one about the dolls houses sale and miniature items sale, but that would be impossible to implement everything on my website;-)

So I do hope that you enjoyed this blog post on the sales of the moment, although these can change anytime!

But I do think that by now that you know where to look for these types of sales for the holidays, a birthday etc..

And I wish you lots of fun going on the hunt for the best discount ever!

If you have any questions or would like to chat with me, please leave a comment below or join me on my social media channels or Facebook group!

Kind regards,


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  1. A good quality dolls house can indeed be expensive, so what a good idea to search for a second hand one. And with so many options to choose from,one is bound to find something that will suit your needs or wishes. 

    As a bit of an eco warrior, my favorite dolls house is the Eco wooden dolls house. I love the fact that one can paint it yourself as well, as it is a project that I can do with my granddaughter. Do you know if they will ship to Australia? I see it is an American products. Thank you. 

    • hey Line!

      That would be a good choice to go for the eco dollhouse, but you would need to check with the seller if she ships to Australia, I hope she does!

      Let me know if you got it and how you painted it;-)

      I wish you happy crafting!

      Kind regards,


  2. Wow, what a great post; thank you for sharing “Miniatures And Dolls Houses Sale – They Are Everywhere ATM!”. I have a granddaughter, and I visit her a couple of times a year ( I know, it’s terrible, but I live in a different country ). I will see her in the next few weeks, and she will love this 100%. Thank you for sharing this post.

    Have a great day



    • Hi Vlad!

      I hope that you will find a very nice dollhouse for your granddaughter with a good discount haha!

      thanks for the compliment and have fun!

      Kind regards,



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