Making Gift Baskets For Christmas – Filled With Miniatures

I know, it is early, too early for the season! But making gift baskets for Christmas starts early if you want to fill them with miniatures!

Why am I claiming this? Well, because it takes a while to collect the right miniatures for a gift basket if you want to give it as a present to the miniature collector.

Or do you know exactly what your little niece, aunty, or even grandma likes? 😉 Bye all means, then just wait. But usually, it takes some emailing/calling back and forth secretly to the parents or partners to find out which miniatures could totally surprise them for Christmas 🙂

I know that I was surprised when I received all these miniature kits from my family, that was amazing!

Today I am going to show you some of my favorite, Christmas-themed, miniature objects from Etsy.

And from now on until Christmas I will write some more once every two weeks or more. Yes, I am already showering you in the Christmas atmosphere, #sorrynotsorry!

Shop number 1. FloralDecorMini.

Makes : 

Maybe you can guess it from the name: they mostly make miniature flowers, but also some miniature cake, food, plants, and an easter object. Most of them with a Christmas theme.

Some more info :

I have picked out a picture of miniature Christmas Ilex plants for you, but as mentioned above, this company makes so much more (Christmas-related) objects. In fact, you could buy several objects from them at the same time.

gift baskets for christmas

Because they for example also have Christmas wreaths or table decorations. (oh my gosh, look at this! I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it!)

– Everything is made from polymer clay and/or cold porcelain.

– products are custom made and there is a waiting list.

– handcrafted and hand-painted with oil paints.

– the price is for 1 single twig and the vase is not included.

 Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price : 12,40$

Overall Rank: on 536 sales 

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– fast shipping

– very affordable, cause of the craftmanship

– returns and exchanges accepted

– very detailed work

– she even sends pictures before she sends the product, just to be sure first that you like them!

The bad:

Believe me, I have looked and looked for negative reviews, I try to keep it honest, but I can’t find any! 😉

My Final Opinion :

Seems like a very skillful crafter, I would buy from her!

Shop number 2. Hobbymini.


Tons of different things, a list:

– miniature cakes, food, pizza, bakery, cookies, donuts, beverage, fruit and vegetables, animals, tart and pies, cake, cupcakes. Miniature flowers, plants, pots, and vases as well. Also tableware, glassware, and even something like this: a miniature refrigerator with coke and bottled water! And more!

Some more info:

So, about the Christmas-themed miniatures, this company definitely sells them. (also Halloween miniatures, but we will talk about those later, it is my favorite season honestly regarding miniatures ).

christmas gift baskets

– scale 1:12

– materials used: polymer clay, resin, glue.

– the cupcakes have a diameter of 7mm

– handmade

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: 7$ for 10 pieces

Overall Rank: on 11739 sales!

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– returns are accepted ( exceptions are possible)

– protected for shipping with bubble wrap

– on almost 2700 reviews, there are only a few discontented buyers

The bad:

.- as it ships from Thailand, it might take a while to arrive, but that is not the seller’s fault!

– should mention when items are out of stock so that you don’t get other items than the ones in the pictures (saw 1 bad review about this issue)

My Final Opinion :

Don’t be fooled by a few negative reviews on her shop, because still getting 5 stars in general on 11739 sales is a fantastic result! Just one point maybe: be sure that you buy what is seen in the pictures and ask the seller about it upfront 😉

Shop number 3. MiniaturesByPrincess


Seems specialized in Christmas items and furniture,  but also makes accessories, lighting, Halloween items, hardware, etc.

Her social media channels:

FaceBook: @miniaturesbyprincess

Instagram: @miniaturesbyprincess

christmas gift baskets


Some more info:

– 1:12 scale

– The Christmas tree measures approximately 8.5″H x 6″W x 6″ D

– materials: floral

– shipped from Florida

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: 11,99$

Overall Rank: on 948 sales

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– returns and exchanges accepted

– ships quickly and well packed

– perfect craftmanship

The bad:

– I can only find one 4-star review and this was the reason (see picture)

4 star review christmas

My Final Opinion :

I don’t know if this is the most beautiful miniature Christmas tree in the world, but her shop is definitely worth buying from if you would ask me 😉


Shop number 4. HappyMiniHouse.


Mostly miniature plants and flowers, but also other stuff. Sells a few Christmas-themed things.

gift baskets for christmas

Some more info:

Dollhouse Christmas decor made from these materials: glass beads, plastic, ceramic pot, artificial plants, plastic beads.

Handmade and the scale can be chosen between 1:12 or 1:6.

Approximate height – 3.34 – 3.54 inch / 8.5-9 cm

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price : 18,31$

Overall Rank: on 371 sales

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– very unique piece, because it is a Christmas decor made from glass beads and plastic beads

– well packed

– nice detailed work

– excellent customer service

The bad:

– returns and exchanges not accepted

My Final Opinion :

I like this one very much and it is my favorite because every piece made from beads is very unique. And I really do think the work itself is very original. I would buy it!

PS. Have a look at the Christmas tree full of beads as well, nice heu?


Shop number 5. FairyDelights.


Cuteness-overload with fairy and unicorns-related objects. This shop sells lots of fairy garden stuff, but also things like fairy-wings, necklaces, wands, mermaids, and castles. I would advise you to take a look at their shop!

Some more info:

christmas wreath bell

The Miniature Christmas Wreath Bell is a wreath with a bell and a ribbon, gold, and red ornaments and it can be made with or without snow and with or without a Merry Christmas sign.

You can thus choose between 4 types of wreaths, custom made for your wishes.

‘ Wreath is approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The Bells are about 1/2 inch in size and the “Merry Christmas” Sign is about 1 inch in length and 1/2 inch tall. The Ribbon is either a Cinnamon color or Red….your choice! ‘

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: 6,00$

Overall Rank: on 1397 sales

The Good And The Bad :

The good:

– nice price for the object and the work on it

– returns accepted (exceptions may apply)

– great customer service

– very carefully packaged

– great quality

The bad:

I have looked, but can not find any negative reviews 😉

My Final Opinion :

I was looking for miniatures to put in gift baskets for Christmas and then I found the miniature fairy gardens ornaments in this shop 😉 Those would fit well into my fairy garden or maybe you could add some to your fairy garden kits?

Anyway, I really do like the Christmas wreaths in this shop and I would definitely buy them!

Final Conclusion.

Get ready to buy all your miniatures for your gift baskets for Christmas and surprise your loved ones, because Christmas will be there before you know it!

Do you have any questions about this article or do you want to tell me something else? Be free to comment below. Or you can now join me on my newest Facebook group, we are having a lot of fun in there!

Happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. I have never thought of gifting anyone with miniature and seeing how you’ve described it here makes me really happy and look forward to gifting someone soon. I have a couple of relatives that would be really happy to see such gift and this us indeed a great idea you have given here 

    • hello Justin,

      I am happy that you find this idea a good one and I wish you a nice Christmas shopping on my site/Etsy or elsewhere to look for lovely miniatures!

      best regards,



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